Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brian O Brian

Since Brian is my incessant talker and incessant busy body. He gives me plenty of things to get frustrated with and laugh at.

At supper we were talking about our weekly achievements and goals for the next week and I was sharing that I was sorry that I had been so on edge and quick to snap and that it was my goal to get back on track and be gentle with my words and no yelling. And Brian asks, "Like Matthew's mom?". I smiled and said, "Yes." He added, "GOOD!"


Brian: Have you even seen me while I'm sleeping? I'm telling you, I'm like an angel.


As Brian was showing off his "skills" as he calls them, showing us how he knows karate, kicking, punching etc, he slipped and fell. He jumps to his feet and says, "Did you see that? That was my falling down skills."


Dancing with the Stars was on last night. I don't know what I even stopped to watch the couple dance, other than it was Steve O and was curious if he could dance and if he was taking it seriously. Anyhoo,
I said: "Wow, she is really pretty." And by that time they were showing all the girls in the competition, and I quickly realized why we don't watch this show and turned off the TV. But it was too late. They had been spotted.
Brian pipes in: "they are ALL pretty."
Me: Like me!
Brian: Yep. And they are skinny too.
Me: Like Me! (Obviously joking)
Brian: Umm, not really. And the girl in the red (Holly the Playboy Bunny wearing a 2 piece red outfit and outflowing out of the top) is sexy!
(Oh great!)
Brian: Mom, you're not even a little tiny bit sexy.
Me: So is it good or bad that she is so sexy Brian? (thinking I'm about to have a sit down discussion with all the kids on the topic of modesty stemming from my at my temporary lack of sanity at even turning the TV show on.)
Brian: Bad. Sexy girls don't love Jesus do they.
So I left it at that for the time being and realized that we'll have to come back to the topic of judgementalness.

Ahh....I've never said that, but the power of relational assumptions. We have often talked about choosing to dress in a modest way and while we not doting all dresses and hair coverings, we aren't letting our girls leave the house in midriffs and mini skirts. I don't want my girls to be viewed that way or be a temptation for sin for other young boys and men.


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Sexy? He actually said "sexy?" My, my-- that boy!

Tell Brian I have some awesome falling down skills, too! :-)

Adelia said...

That kid makes me laugh, Suzanne!

Ah, modesty...We don't watch Dancing with the stars right now either. It's amazing, at a young age the exposure and realization that exists for our little guys.

And I had such a good time being around you last night! You're such a great gal!! :-D


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