Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Makensie

I have so many things that I have written down that I want to journal about that are swimming through my head that I'm having a difficult time seperating all my thoughts.

Makensie has given me several reasons to smile recently.

*As I'm swatting what seems like hundred's of flies that have invaded our home from leaving the back door open for a couple of hours...Makensie says, "Ahhh, how sweet. One of the flies is giving the other a ride on his back." SPLAT!

*I got a single Always Pad sample in the mail. Brian opened it and asked what it was, Makensie explained, "It is a diaper for grown ups. They have to wear it so they don't pee the bed at night." He seemed fine with that answer, so I let well enough alone.

*Gabby asks me how it is possible that a baby starts to grow in your tummy. Makensie explained, "Boys have seeds and when they kiss their wife it goes up through their mouth and into the mouth of the momma and then plants in their bellies. That's why you don't kiss until you are married." They both seemed fine with that answer, as was I, so I'll leave well enough alone until further notice.

*I was talking with friend A and she mentioned that a volunteer, let's call her friend B, had lost her husband. I went over to friend C's house later to pick something up. I explained that friend C would not be joining us that night because of her husband. (He had to work late). Makensie felt so sorry for them and explained to Gabby in a panic, "Landon's daddy died!" (This would be friend C's husband). I did have to explain this entire situation and previous conversation over about 5 times before we were all on the same page.

*And finally, while trying to get out the door, I'm brushing Makensie's hair, Wyatt was up on the countertop trying to catch Jennifer, the hampster, or "hennifur" as he calls her. Brian is yelling at him to, "Close it!" Wyatt is yelling back in some kind of gibberish translated as "leave me alone!" I say, "Brian, do not talk to him like that, be gentle." Makensie who has her back to scene and has no idea why Brian is saying "close it" thinks he is upset with Wyatt's yelling, and tells Brian, "We don't say 'close it', we say, 'put a sock in it!' ". Absolutely. That sounds much more polite. :)


Becky said...

Too funny! I'm glad you share all of these moments with us!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Haaaahaaa!! And it totally cracks me up when you leave "well enough alone." Never mind that they think you wear pads so you don't pee the bed. Hilarious!!

So, does Gabby still think she's a leprechaun? Adelia had some leprechaun traps out, so you might want to warn your little pointy-eared girl about it! ;-)


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