Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Lighter side of life

On the lighter side of life...

I was running through the house yesterday and spritzing each room with air freshener (trust me, we still have one in diapers, it's a necessity). I was mentally going over everything I needed to do. I spritzed the laundry room, opened up the back door to check on kiddos and spritzed the back yard. I immediately started laughing from my mistake. Makensie comes and tells me, "Mom, it's not because you are so old that you forgot what you were doing. Because I'm really young and I forget sometimes too."

I hate to mention this as I don't want everyone watching me, but I've been pursuing a better health through eating and fitness. Gabby was doing the workout with me and said, "This is really hard for you, uh? I feel sorry for you that you are trying so hard and nothing is happening." So we had ice cream at Barnett's last night.

She also was up getting herself and Wyatt some breakfast after getting him dressed and his bed made, this week while I had several calls early for work. I went in and caught her in the act of being so kind and responsible and told her thank you. She told me, "Mom, I'm a big girl. I can do things for myself. All kinds of things, like getting food and getting my own coffee.

Brian is just a boy through and through. He is also quite the trash talker. I heard him throwing it down it in the kitchen. "You want a piece of me? What to you think about that?" I went in to see who he was talking to and he had the flyswatter and was going to town. "Oh, I'm sorry, was that your mommy? BAMMM! What do you think of me know punk? You better run and hide!"


Wyatt is just so sweet and yet he's soon going to be following suit with his brother. He can take Brian down now and loves to wrestle. he's also quite the busy body. In the past 2 weeks he has taken all my clothes in the closet off the hanger, flushed a cleaning sponge down the toilet (and it doesn't just go on through), opened the powered sugar bag, realized that the air conditioning vents come off and on for great hiding places for things like toys, bottles and stinky diapers. He figured out that the broiler pan in the oven conveniently holds crayons (and yes they stink when they melt). Has learned to opened the doors so we put on chains. Figured out that he can use the broom to hit the chain over to unlock it. Figured out that he can climb over the chain link fence in the back yard. But my favorite was the night he discovered his shadow.

They are so precious at every age.


Adelia said...

This was such a fun read as always, Suzanne! I needed to laugh! :-D Brett liked the Brian moment too!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

That was hilarious!!

And, at the same time, I feel for ya, girl!! Sounds like Wyatt is more...challenging...than Oli!


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