Thursday, June 04, 2009

Easy on the Eyes

Our "bug man" is a friend ours. He is very nice, does a great job and rather easy on the eyes. He was here to spray the house this morning and I knew the girls had took notice of Mr. Eye Candy previously after I told them that Ken would be here in 2 hours, and when it had been exactly two hours, Gabby announced that he was officially late. When he did show up, on the way to the door, I turned and said to the girls, "Make sure to be..." and Gabby interrupted with, "Cute." I said, "No. Polite." And then I did a double take and laughed as I watched her adjust her headband and smooth her hair. Oh, brother.

As Ken sprayed around the house he was joined by two chatty little girls following his every step. Gabby even came in and got the keys to unlock the back gates for him so it would be easier than going around the house. Makensie tried to pull her stackable storage unit away from the wall to help out and at every turn there were 2 little girls assisting. Brian was completely unaffected by this exciting event and continued on with his cars.

Even as Mr. EC was leaving, Makensie was following him out the front door offering him candy. I thought to myself. "Gee, I wonder if my girls have some little crushes."

Makensie and Gabby joined me in the kitchen and Gabby said, "He's very nice, huh?"

I answered, "Yes he is."

Then she said, "He's very cute too, huh?"

hmmm. "Yes, he is a nice looking man."

Makensie then asks, "Is his wife still alive?"

I had to stop and decided whether to continue the conversation or laugh. I told her that yes, his wife was still alive, and asked her, "why? Were you hoping to marry him?"

She started stumbling all over and said, "oh, no. Nothing like that. Just wondering."

Then Gabby wanted to know, "How old will he be will I turn 18?"

"He'll probably be 45 years old." I answered.

"Oh GROSS!" was Gabby's reply

This was the end of the conversation.

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Fruitful Vine2 said...

That was funny especially the last reply - OH Gross! LOL! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today.

Also thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on the generous wife tip.


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