Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Live a Life That's Not Boring

There truly is a book about this very subject. And probably there are many that would view our lives as boring and suggest I purchase the book straight away. And I understand and, but I'm ok with that. Just like I was ok with the fact that I heard that teenage girl comment today that she thought my shirt was ugly.

I wish I was better at documenting our lives with photos. I carry my camera with me, but rarely think "Oh, I'll take a picture!"

I joked recently that I have no social life at all any more. But this week I did, just not the social life I used to have and one that I doubt will impress anyone.

Monday was the 3rd night of our cake class and our final project is due this next week. I'm so nervous! There really isn't a pass or fail, or even a certificate...although I might print one up for myself. :) Just complete the class and hopefully not stink as badly as when you started.

Tuesday night I hit the town with my girlz. Or at least we went and got a cookie, (I had coffee) and sat in the fancy coffee place and chatted before covering every square inch of Wal-mart twice and the bathrooms three times.

Wednesday night a couple of us ladies got together for coffee, dessert and a mini makeover birthday party for a friend.

Thursday night I had late coffee with a friend. Wonderful, deep conversation.

(I'm seeing a normal addiction, um, I mean trend of coffee, but all the social dates are abnormal, honestly. Me even leaving the house, much less alone for something for me is quite an event. And if you are concerned about me leaving Allen out so much...the man just went hog hunting last weekend and left tonight to go fishing, so trust me, he's good.)

Friday night, we were invited to supper at a friend's house. I was honored and excited to go as I really have enjoyed each time I've gotten to spend with this gal, but life has got in the way and I admit, I am terrible at thinking I'm too busy to just stop to make fun plans versus sticking to the "to do" list.

I knew that her husband had to eat gluten free and was sure that we would get to try something new to us, but I was also confident in her cooking skills. However, I was not confident in my children's etiquette skills. So we went through the formalities of reminders.

"What do you do if you don't like the food?" I asked.

In bored unity they answered, "Eat it and say 'Thank you' ".

Then Gabby pipes up, "Just eat it and if it's really gross you can just vomit when you get home."

I'm glad to inform you that there was no need for vomiting to top off the evening. We had delicious corn bread muffins chicken enchiladas, peach chutney salsa and a spicy salsa. And not only is she a talented cook, this gal might just be the next HGTV star. This woman can decorate. And on a shoe string budget! Everywhere you looked in her house it reminded me of Pottery Barn, which she said is the secret to her success...their ideas in placement. takes talent.

Allen then went and finished an emergency after hours job, (which I was informed that I'm still booking him too much and to which I informed him that he is salaried and needs to make up for the winter hours.) Next dad loaded the older kids up at 9:30pm and took them to the Rodeo. Brian was so excited to sport his new UltraSuede Stetson Black Cowboy hat that I snatched up at a yard sale for a quarter earlier that day. And if you don't know how incredible of a deal that is, check this out.

Friday all day, had been a rather long, extremely hot day. The kids and I had hit the yard sales. A lot of them. We got some rather great deals. We had prayed before we left that we'd find some of the items on our "would like" list as well as our regular purchases list. I just recently read a good rule of thumb when looking at yard sales/thrift shops: Shoot for 90% less than the original price of the object.

My list of exciting finds (at least to me)

$1 a bag clothes - that had 1 pair of corduroy pants, 1 pair of camo pants, 2 pair of jeans, 1 of which were a brand new pair of wranglers (normally $14.95 new) all for Brian and a swimsuit for Gabby, 2 shirts for the girls to wear to the one room school house or dress up.

.50cent-new kids sprinkler that they have been playing in all afternoon. Can that replace bath time?

$1 - for a box of home interior jar candles some new and others only slightly used, to put back for winter

$5 - sofa cover in red, new. (this has been on our list for a long time, cushion covers are hard to wash!)

$2.50 JCPenny home collection drapes for the front room also in red and beige

$3.00 for an ottoman/coffee table/extra seating in the front room (in browns and red) and all of my red decorations were from different places and they all coordinate.

.75cents - 3 American Girl Books

$5.00 - working Singer Sewing Machine (this was a prayer request-Wendy has inspired me lately to at least attempt sewing again.)

$1.00 - 1 pair of boots for winter for Gabby and 2 pair of sandals for the girls

$4.00 - 1 wooden tee ball bat and 1 aluminum softball weapon, um I mean, bat

.25cents for the rooster rug that I've been eyeing at WalMart for 2 months.

$3.00 For a microscope to check out bugs and I'm sure blood at some point.

$3.00 for 3 pair of jeans for Makensie for next year. (They were even slims and still had the tags on them)

.50cents for a pair of winter boots for me, couldn't tell they've ever been worn.

$3 for 2, yes 2 bikes for Brian. We got the 2nd one for the tires to replace the ones on the 1st one. So Allen and him can have a little build-a-bike session.

$5.00 for over the toilet shelf and cabinet unit (also has been on our prayer list as there is little storage in the bathrooms) These were $78.00 at WalMart.

$2.00 for 2 Princess/Tinkerbell costumes for Halloween, um, Fall festival, for the girls

.25cents for a Tinkerbell tulip bucket for candy collection

$1.00 for Double H cowgirl boots THIS exact new pair for my budding horse enthusiast

$1.00 for new gymnastics's suit. It's ok to use this as a swimsuit, right?

$1.00 for Horse flannel blanket for Gabby.

.50cents for black dress shoes for Makensie. The crocks just weren't cutting it with the dresses any longer.

$10.00 for a small side table that matches my Bombay bedside tables and jewelry box.

$40.00 for an antique buffet for the kitchen (which I had only planned on spending $20, but my husband didn't follow the "say no thanks and walk away slowly to give them time to counter offer" plan.

$2.00 for a bookshelf, since Mr. "I can build that" hasn't

$1.00 on misc toys to keep the peace. People are so generous to actually give kids stuff, especially when kids say things like, "Can I have this?" or if something is marked 25 cents and a cute little person hands over a penny and walks on.

.25 cents on a gallon jug with the push tab for kids to help themselves.

$1.50 on 6, yes, 6! amazing square dance dresses that I plan to follow Wendy's instructions with the new sewing machine and make up some really cute aprons for self and Christmas gifts.

$2.00 for a giant electric roasting oven, in case I ever actually get to have Thanksgiving. I'm already thinking this item needs to find a new home and was not a sound thought out purchase.

$7.00 total for some wall and home decorations plus a shelf for the other bathroom and some gifts that I cannot disclose in case its for one of the three readers that visit this site. :)

$5.00 for 31 books, most are Scholastics, some came with tapes, some are read alouds, 1 is a complete curriculum for 1st grade, several chapter books and several devotional books. The book "Captivating" which was on my wish list. And is a picture book of Claude Monet (one of the girls' favorite artists)

.25cents for a multiplication toy/workboard

$1.00 for a life jacket for Wyatt - or Kathryn whenever she needs

$2.00 for a sheet set and 2 pillow cases, they look brand new. Don't even ask why we need a spare set of'll get an earfull of frustration.

All in total: $117.25. All for less than the cost of a mediocre sewing machine. I admit that's a lot of money for yard sales. But I'm still very pleased. Allen called it my little bonus for helping him so much lately.

Total estimated value if it were all bought new: $4069.01 and I didn't have to pay tax which would have been another $366.21, or shipping costs ...

I used to go to sales all the time and then got addicted, and now remember why. So for the past 2 summers I only went one day each summer. I'll be starting my 12 step program for yard saleaholics next Friday.


triciadaniels said...

Oh, Suzy Q, you bought me a present!

Lynn said...

W O W !! I'm so impressed with your shopping skills. This is a GOOD addiction to have! You go girl!

Adelia said...

I really enjoyed this post. You do have a great life!

And those DEALS...Yay!

We pray before we go out and looking for all our desires as well. Makes all the difference, I believe! Wise woman!!


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