Monday, June 01, 2009

The Weekend Update

What a fun weekend. We took the kids to the drive in and met some friends there Saturday night. They were so excited and had no idea until we pulled in. The features were UP and Hannah Montana The Movie. Some of us watched UP and the others of us watched Wyatt crawl in and out and up and down, hop up and down the drive, get in other people's van's and grab other people's food, take the kids to the bathroom, get another slice of pizza, wipe hands and faces and answer questions about the movie. We did NOT stay for the 2nd feature. The girls and I had already seen it for Makensie's birthday and I was exhausted from worry about where little man was heading at all times.

Saturday we were graciously invited to have supper with friends. He is a mean griller. We've had several of his masterpieces over the years and last night had a smoked brisket. Yummy.

Also over the weekend, I've touched up on my Super Metroid skills. Brian enjoys to play video games and it is so encouraging to him with I just watch him play or ask him how far he has gotten in the game. But he loves it when I will sit down and play with him some too. I've actually enjoyed myself more than I thought I would.


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

How did you like the movie (or did you even see enough to give an opinion??) I've heard good things about it, and we like Pixar much better than Disney.

Woo hoo for good grillin' and nintendo skills! ;-)

Suzanne said...

I really didn't get to watch a lot of UP. I would say there are some parts that are sad for young young kids and maybe even a little intense at times, but they didn't come home talking about how much they liked this movie and haven't brought it up since. So I don't think it was one of their favorites.


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