Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally. Photos!

I found my camera cord. Yeah! Under the pile of papers on my desk. Ugh. I'm truely not talented at taking pictures and quite technologically challenged, so grant me grace.

Here is a picture of the gold fish we bought on Sunday and it died on Wednesday. Gabby brought it to me asking to dissect it.

Here is a photo of brave Gabby and her friend riding the Octopus at The Good Ol' Days. You can't see their heads because as soon as the ride started her and her friend were all tucked down screaming for dear life. The ride was stopped and while many of the onlookers found it hysterical with a pinch of great compassion. The carny was not amused.

Here is a picture of Makensie and Brian playing it safe on the "baby" ride as Gabby referred to it, before she rode the death trap.

Here is Wyatt with his new haircut.

This is what those black snake fireworks look like after a couple of hours of fun.

This is what boys look like after playing with black snake fireworks. Thank you Grandpa John for suggesting the idea to them.

This is the cannon that Grandpa John built for the 4th of July.
I do not have any photos of the problems we had with trajectory, or the sheriff that stopped by. Part of the success with fireworks is from the power of the blow pushing the ball of fire high into the sky. If the tube is say, oh, I don't know, much larger than the firework, rather than the ball of flames exploding a hundred feet up in the air, it will explode at 20 feet sending scalding shrapnal your way. Those fireworks are even prettier up close! The bombs last year and the cannon this year. What ever will Grandpa John make with acetylene gas next year?


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Sounds like good family fun!! HA!

A cannon? Really. And you wonder where Brian comes up with his ideas! By gosh, the kid comes about it honest. ;-)

Love the story and the pictures! YEA!

I'm glad you survived the holidays.

Adelia said...

Wyatt's hair! Love it!!! And the boys with the soot, one of my all time favorite photos now! Just so classic and priceless.

You do such a great job with descriptive writing that I've never really noticed how little you use photos. That's a gift.

And we still are impressed with the canon. Once again, you jogged Brett's memory that he's wanting to do some canon making. Industrious men is what they are.

Suzanne said...

Wendy, That is so true. The radio station had called my dad and asked him to sponsor an ad for 4th safety and he turned them down. Said it was good for kids to get a couple of burns in life. LOL.

Adelia-I did Wyatt's hair to shock Allen and then it was cute we both like it now. Thank you for the kind words. And it's no wonder Allen likes Brett. I kept here whooping all night, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" from Allen and Brian.


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