Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kid Funnies

Makensie: Mom, what's the other name for Bigfoot that sounds like a fruit?

Me: A Sasquatch?

Makensie: Ya.


Brian and his friend were having a serious conversation

Brian: When I grow up I'm going to be Batman.
Matthew: What?! Batman isn't real!
Brian: Oh. So what are you going to be?
Matthew: A Pirate.


A couple of weeks ago I was driving by the Fayetteville Mall. We don't go to the mall, not because we are boycotting or anything, it just doesn't happen. I said, "There's the Mall." I was looking out the left window and I heard the girls in the back, ", the MALL" and as I looked into the rear view mirror, I realized they were gazing out the right window oogling the large dentist office.


Gabby: Some day if I ever have to live in a van...


While we haven't been to the Mall, I did take the girls to Old Navy recently.

Makensie: Oh my gosh! They spent so much money on buying all these clothes for this place, they didn't have enough money left to finish the floor. It's just concrete!


Adelia said...

I love the innocence and perspective your kids give. While they are always hilarious, they have such an appreciation for their world. Our world viewed through your kids eyes. Old Navy. Good eye, Makensie! Does anyone else realize we spend lots of money just to shop in warehouses! Warehouses!

Your kids are great, I so, so enjoy their quips and quotes!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Totally hilarious! I love your posts pointing out the humor in our everyday lives, especially through the eyes of our children. It makes me more aware of those funny moments with my own kiddos! :0)

Anonymous said...

So, I just want to say in defense of Matthew (whomever he is), that PIRATING is a real job. Criminal job, mind you, but a real job. Lol... sorry, I don't have a google account so I have to post anonymously- Angel


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