Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Hubby

I know I pick on Allen quite a bit, but trust me when I say he can take it and it's all in good spirit. We have always had fun in the bantering back and forth between us. He is such a good man in heart. Yesterday in the busyiness of the day I forgot to order a quarter panel glass for a vehicle. I hadn't made this mistake yet. I really couldn't believe I did it. It was a big deal with the order to begin with. The family called, it was their primary vehicle, he was a pastor, we were trying to be accommodating to get it done today so Allen was even going to go do the work at 7am. It ended up being an insurance job and I had all the paperwork in order but at 7 o'clock last night I realized that there would be no panel showing up on the truck last night. I was sick. I felt like I had let the family down, they could have went somewhere else and gotten it done today. But Allen without criticizing or even a hint of condemnation, spoke with our glass driver at midnight and had me print off directions to the warehouse in Tulsa...an hour and a half away. They open at 7am so Allen left at 5:30am this morning to go pick up the piece.

I'm so thankful that while there are times when he gets frustrated at me, he is for the most part very understanding when I make mistakes. I don't know if I would have reacted the same. I offered to load the kids up and go myself this morning, but he wouldn't even consider having me do it. Had the entire situation been the other way around, I am almost sure I would have been irritated that I lost the sale because of someone else's irresponsibility or if I did drive over to pick up so I could fix the problem, I am sad to say I probably would have felt irritated with the lost 3 hours of driving and felt justified with my lack of sleep to be a little grumpy and made it known. Lord forgive me for my past wrongs, give me grace and allow me to continue to grow in the areas of humbleness and love for others. Help me to give as much understanding to others especially my family as I would hope to receive myself. Thank you for a husband who is so giving in so many ways.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

wow, that was so sweet of him. And not to criticize or be upset-- wow. I mean, you ARE entitled to some mistakes, Superwoman. But, like you said, any one of us probably would have reacted differently to the circumstances.
Maybe, despite Allen's RCD, he was rewarded? ;-) heehhee


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