Monday, August 31, 2009

Popcorn Prayer

Have you heard this expression? I don't remember where my kids heard it but it's great. A Popcorn Prayer is a prayer that just pops to mind and you explode it up to God. Someone comes to mind, "God give them peace through this ordeal." Or when conflicts arise, "God please give me wisdom with this child."

In Psalms 70 David starts with "MAKE HASTE O GOD!" This Psalm is short and to the point. David was in need and didn't have time to say much.

In Matthew 14:30 Peter cries out the shortest prayer in the Bible, "Lord save me!" And Jesus immediately reached out a hand and saved him.

There are several prayers in the Bible that teach us how to pray and why. The prayer of Jabez, The Lord's Prayer, A.C.T.S. and several of these little Popcorn Prayers. So if a need arises quickly know that you can send it on just a quickly, it doesn't always have to be formal, it just always has to be heartfelt.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Love that kind of popcorn prayer. With four little ones, I seem to get more popcorn prayer in than anything else...
"Lord, how do I deal with this?"
"Lord, if this is an attack, help me deal with it..."
"God, give me patience with this child!" ;-)

We've always referred to popcorn prayers as the "pop, pop" of people saying short prayers together, or around in a circle.

We were studying today about how we can only come to such a Holy God through His Son, so now there is direct access to Him. Amazing.


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