Sunday, August 30, 2009

That's My Boy

Brian is a constant source of entertainment for us.When we were at my folks for the 4th of the July, this kid wore me out. My mom had given him a can of red spray paint to paint a chair outside. Red looks like blood so since it was the 4th, and his friend Manix was over, he sprayed Manix's tummy to look like they got hurt. These two boys together were just a stew of trouble waiting to be discovered. Brian would hand Manix a firecracker and light it and Manix would throw it. Then the other boys uncle came and picked them up and said he heard something in the back seat and turned around in time to catch Manix and Brian trying to light a fire cracker in the back seat of the pickup. They were going to through it out the window. Thank you LORD for protecting those two.

One day my dad watched Brian for me, for just a little while for me to run to the store. When I got home my dad asked, "Did you get any green paint?" I told him, "No. Was I suppose to?" Then it hit me, "Whyyyyy? What happened?" My dad informed me, "Brian came and asked me if he could trick out my tractor and he had a small wretch in his hand and figured he couldn't do anything too bad, then all of a sudden I smelled something funny and I go over to check on him and he spray painted red flames on my John Deere."

In Brian's defense, he did ask and he told papa he wanted to "trick it out."


We had a puppy show up Tuesday that we would have kept if she didn't run away on Thursday. She must not have liked her food or pan I bought her. But Brian brings her inside and tells me, "Mom, look how good a dog she is, you can pull her tail and she won't even bite you or bark."


"Mommmmmm! Wyatt's jumping on the trampoline. Naked. With the dog.


"Mommmmm! Wyatt's naked peeing on the kitchen floor! (I think we have a streaker)


Brian wiped out on some wet floor in the kitchen (not pee). "Brian, you OK? Are you suppose to be running in the house?" He corrects me, "I wasn't running, I was jogging."


And my favorite. Last night we had fish for supper and Allen was looking in the frig and asked, "Do we have any tartar sauce?" And without missing a beat Brian pipes up, "Nope, but we have some retarter sauce for you."


Adelia said...

You know it's a ggod post when your reader laughs out loud! So funny and priceless, Suzanne.

Oh, the things YOUR family says and does!!!

Thanks for the laughs!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Thank for clarifying, Suzanne, that is was NOT pee he slipped on! Ha!!

You all are hilarious!! Thanks for starting this day with a laugh for me! :-)


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