Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beauty and the Pig week 3

Now you are caught up to where the ladies and I are, at least until we meet tomorrow for week 4. This is the week of getting into the "mud" so to speak with the scriptures and the comparisons between the pig and the foolish woman.

Beauty and the Pig
Week 3

Gold in the Bible

Now that we know what the Bible says about pigs, lets learn more about gold. How is gold used in the bible? What kinds of items were made of gold?

Using your concordance again, study the words gold and golden. There are many, many references to gold in the Bible. You won’t be able need to study every verse in order to see many of the uses of gold. We’re simply trying to get a general idea of how gold was used in Bible times. Skim through the concordance’s brief excerpts for each verse. Many of these will be enough to tell you how the gold is being used.

List all your observations.
Review your observations and summarize what you have found. What general categories of things were made with gold? What did gold symbolize?
Comparing your notes about pigs with your notes about gold, how appropriate is a gold ring in a pig’s nose? Why?
So far we have learned about earrings (or nose rings), beauty, discretion, pigs and gold in the Bible.

In the attached chart in part 1, “The Pig and the Fool.” We will compare a gold ring in a pig’s snout with a beautiful woman who has no discretion.

How are the pig and the woman alike?
Read the descriptions and verses indicated on the chart, and note, in the right hand column, how each relates to the beautiful woman without discretion.
Part 2 of the chart will help you compare the traits that pigs and foolish women share. The top half of the chart examines Biblical passages about pigs and compares those with scripture’s description of the fool.
Part 3 of the chart deals with commonly recognized characteristics of pigs, and compares those with the Bible’s description of the fool.
After completing the chart, summarize your observations.
Review what you have learned in this study, and write a brief summary below. How is a beautiful woman without discretion like a gold ring in a pig’s snout?
Examine your own life. Are there ways in which you are behaving like a pig?
In what ways are you demonstrating a lack of discretion?
List specific areas in which you need to change, share this list with your parents, pray for God’s help, and commit to actions that will help you grow in wisdom.
Pick out a few Bible verses that focus on the areas you need to change and commit to memorizing 1 new verse each week.
If you want to do additional studying, study the word fool. What is he? How does he act? What are the results of his foolishness? How, specifically, does the foolish woman behave? List the ways in which you are acting like the fool, and resolve to engage in activities that will help you become a woman of wisdom and discretion.

(And because I have no idea how to add an excel spreadsheet, pretend the following is)
Part 1
Gold Ring in Pig's Nose/ Reference/ Beautiful Woman Without Discretion
Out of place, inappropriate/ Ezekiel 28:17 /(Fill in your observation)
On animal that is heading for death /Proverbs 21:16 /"
Wasted; ring could be of value to someone else/ Proverbs 12:15/ "
Of no value to pig/ Proverbs 21:20/ "
Doesn't improve the appeal of the pig /1 Peter 3:3-4 /"
Doesn't disguise the pig's "pigness"/ Proverbs 27:22 and 12:23 /"
Covered with mud and filth /Proverbs 26:11/ "
Pig cannot earn or purchase the ring /Psalm 100:3 /"
Only an outward ornament /Proverbs 31:30 /"
Anyone trying to gain the ring will have to join the pig in the mire /Proverbs 2:18-19 and 13:20 /"

The Pig and the Foolish Woman
Part 2
(Pig /Reference)/ (Reference /Foolish Woman )
(list your observations)/Leviticus 11:7 & Deut 14:8 / Proverbs 5:8 /(List your observations)
" /Matthew 7:6 /Proverbs 5:3-6/ "
" /Psalms 80:8-13/ Proverbs 14:1 and 31:3/ "
Eats a lot/ XXXXX /Proverbs 15:14/ "
Not selective in what it eats/ XXXXX /Proverbs 9:14-18/ "
Knows nothing/ XXXXX /Proverbs 9:13/ "
Never satisfied /XXXXX/ Proverbs 17:24/ "
Noisy /XXXXX /Proverbs 18:2/ "
Content in mire/ XXXXX/ Proverbs 15:21/ "
Destructive in its rooting/ XXXXX/ Proverbs 12:4 and 23:28/ "

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Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

I'm so glad that you're doing this study for the girls. They will benefit so much. And it's fabulous that you are already having them use a concordance for more in-depth study.
I was raised in church, but never really studied the Word until I took college Bible classes. There's no reason to get such a late start!
Love you, girl.


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