Monday, September 21, 2009

May You Be Inscribed In The Book of Life

September 18th was the start of Rosh Hashana. I posted earlier about the spiritual battle we are in. Today as I sat talking with a wise godly women who always just helps me rise to the next level of the spiritual thinking, I realized that while we are celebrating and studying this Jewish Holiday, satan had gotten me off track Thursday night. The night before the Jewish New Year. The 1st day of the 10 High Holy Days. My heart was frozen in time in the temporal with man versus preparing for remembering and "soakin' in" the Lord.

Am I a Jew? Not by birth. But I am adopted into a Jewish family so it seems to make sense to know of HIS heritage.

"May you be inscribed in The Book of Life" was a common greeting during this event.

So for these 10 days we will be incorporating it into our lives and school.

Today for vocabulary: inscribed, Book of Life, Shofar, Rosh Hashana

Geography: Isreal

Art: Made The Book of Life

Spelling: Wrote names in the book of life.

History: Read about the traditions

Narration: Informed Daddy about Rosh Hashana

Food: Had Fruit Cocktail Cake (Sweet foods were a staple during these 10 days to remind the Jews of the sweetness of God)

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Adelia said...

I love it!!! You have always been a great of example of training your/our kids in the way of the Lord. Wonderful!!!


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