Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I was studying this week I read Proverbs 20:1 and it just stood out to me. How you do view this verse? About social drinking? Occasional drinking?

Here is an article that is pretty much no holds bar on a pastor's thoughts on home school and the health care proposal.

We started school Tuesday and are still in the adjusting phase. it that you never leave that phase? Here is my response as to why we choose to home school.

And finally here is a devotional that seems very fitting for today for many of us as Christians, as women and as God fearing citizens.

May you all have a blessed day.


Adelia said...

What a nice smelling potpourri you have here, Suzanne.

Interesting article from the Pastor. By the way, I have taken to calling myself a Constitutionalist! Not a Republican or a conservative, a Constitutionalist by crackies.

And musically speaking, the Cotton-Eye have to see my mom dance this one out!! It's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I meant to reply to this earlier, but did not get a chance. Regarding Proverbs 20:1... this is what I think, if Jesus did not want us to drink wine then he would not have turned water into wine at the wedding. I think the key is moderation, as it is in eating and everything else. Christians love to harp on the evils of drinking alcohol, while a good percentage of them are overweight. Is glutony not a sin? (Yes, I am considering myself in the overweight category as well.) For myself personally, I do not drink in front of others whom I know will be offended by it. Even though I do not feel like I am sinning by drinking a glass of wine, or having peach schnapps in my glass of iced tea, I do not want to purposely offend someone who does not agree. -Angel


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