Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Walking on the Water

I posted on Monday about Peter sending out a "Popcorn Prayer" to Jesus as he was started to walk on the water. I found several things interesting about this short interaction. 1st while Peter kept his focus on Jesus, he was walking on water. Then as he turned his focus to the huge rolling waves around him, he started to sink. 2nd, Jesus was standing right there, he could see that Peter was sinking, but didn't reach out to save him until Peter cried out for help. 3rd, as Jesus saved Peter he accused him of having little faith. And here was a boat full of men and Peter was the only one brave enough to even get out. So I can't imagine what Christ thought of the rest of the guys.

I couldn't help but think of my own life. How many times have I told my Lord to lead and I will follow and then when the storms arise I start drowning in my fears that I physically see around me. I know the one to call on and I strive to keep my focus on him, but I'm sure that my failures along the path would cause him to say the same thing to me. "You of little faith, why did you doubt?"

Lord give me the wisdom to jump when I here you call me, the faith to follow and the strength to focus only on you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! :) I found your blog while I was google searching for something, lol. So I wanted to leave you a comment and say hello.

I was reading this in the bible the other day as well. For me, it spoke to me and said that as long as I keep my focus on Jesus, I will not be moved; and that in the times in life that I am sinking, Jesus is still there, but He wants me to realize that I am nothing without Him, so He desires that I cry out to Him for help. I am going through a season in my life that is allowing my walk with Christ to strengthen, and I am thankful for it. but I still hear the LORD asking me at times "oh you of little faith, why do you doubt me?" and I literally get embarrassed before the LORD, because WHY am I doubting Him? He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And Praise the Lord, in this ever changing world, He is the one thing that remains the same! So why do I allow room for doubt? This is something that the Lord is currently working with me on ;)

Thanks for sharing your blog! God bless!!


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