Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beauty and the Pig week 5

Beauty and the Pig Bible Study

Listed below are descriptive phrases from the book of Proverbs about the strange woman. Meditate on each phrase and answer each question. Ask for your parents’ opinions about each question, too. They may see you differently than you are able to see yourself.

Proverbs 7:5, 21 “flattereth with her words”, “much fair speech”, “flattering of her lips”
i. Am I inappropriately forward with verbal praise or open admiration of others?
ii. Do I insincerely compliment or admire others with the purpose of manipulating them or getting their attention and favor?

Proverbs 7:10 “with the attire of an harlot and subtil of heart”
i. What is my purpose in the way I choose to dress?
ii. Do I dress attractively or do I dress to attract?
iii. Do I seek to serve my Christian brothers and other boys and men by dressing in a manner that does not tempt them to lust?

Proverbs 7:11 “loud”
i. Do I seek attention by making loud and silly remarks in the company of others?
ii. Do I engage in loud and giddy giggling with other girls when in the company of young men?
iii. Am I overly forward with young men, taking too much initiative in relating to them in a way that is too familiar?

Proverbs 7:11 “stubborn”
i. Do I resist the leadership of my parents, teachers, and authorities?
ii. Do I have a quiet and submissive spirit?
iii. Do I insist on having my own way?
iv. Do I choose to sin, going against what I know to be right?

Proverbs 7:11 “her feet abide not in her house”
i. What is my attitude toward home? Do I enjoy being there?
ii. Do I seek ways to avoid being at home?
iii. Am I bored, restless, or discontent when home?
iv. Am I using my time at home in profitable pursuits that serve others and help me mature?

Proverbs 7:13 “an impudent face” Proverbs 6:25 “take thee with her eyelids”
i. Does my countenance reflect a submissive spirit or a stubborn, self-serving spirit?
ii. Do I express my resistance to authority with my countenance?
iii. Do I use my eyes and mouth as a means of flirting with young men?
iv. Am I forward and pushy with young men?

Proverbs 7:16 “decked [her] bed with coverings of tapestry, with carved works, with fine linen of Egypt” and Proverbs 7:17 “perfumed [her] bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon”
i. Do I seek to appeal to the physical senses of young men in ways that do not bring glory to God?
ii. Do I seek to draw the attention of others to myself with an over-emphasis on makeup, perfumes, jewelry, and clothing?

Proverbs 7:19 “For the Goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey.”
i. What do I do when my parents are not at home?
ii. What do I do when I am not under the direct oversight of my parents or other authority?

Proverbs 7:22 “He goeth after her straightway.”
i. Am I testing my ability to succeed in attracting the attention of men to myself?
ii. Do I make a “game” of conquering young men, gaining their attentions for my own selfish satisfaction?

Proverbs 2:17 “Forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God.”
i. Am I stepping out from under the authority of Scripture and my parents?
ii. Am I obeying what I know to betrue and right in all areas of my life, and especially in the area of my relationship to young men?
iii. Am I behaving like a daughter of The KING?


Anonymous said...

Oh... these are good. I wish I had taken a class like this when I was young and cute. I hope you do it again so my girls can take it. -Angel

Grammy and Grandad said...

Excellent post. I came across it while Googling Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, "impudence", in my own personal study of Proverbs 7 this morning. Keep up the good work. I'm going to see if I can be one of your "followers". Lovely blog with powerful messages.


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