Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beauty and the Pig week 6

Proverbs 3:3-4
“For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil; But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

What do we know about honeycombs and honey?
They are sweet, sticky, get too much makes you sick, delicious, drips slowly, tempting.

Can the honeycomb hold in the honey?
It can’t help but to drip out.

Try a piece of honeycomb or a spoonful of honey.

What do we know about oil?
It is slick, smooth. Rub a small amount of oil olive on your hands and try to open a door knob. How easy is it to turn the knob with oily hands? How do your hands feel? Smooth?

This is another experiment that you’ll have to check with mom 1st on. Take a small area of the kitchen floor that is clean. Put some oil in a spot and rub it in.
How does it look?
Shinny? Bright? Sprarkling clean?

Be careful, but what happens when you try to walk on it?
What would happen to someone unaware of the oil if they walked across the floor?
How can a strange woman’s mouth be like this slippery floor?
It can appear all shinny and nice, but one can slip and fall and be hurt.

What is wormwood? Look it up in the dictionary, see what you can find out.
It is a plant.

How is it used?
The plant's characteristic odor can make it useful for making a plant spray against pests. In the practice of companion planting, because of the secretions of its roots, it exerts an inhibiting effect on the growth of surrounding plants, thus weeds. It can be useful to repel insect larvae but it need only be planted on the edge of the area of cultivation. It has also been used to repel fleas and moths indoors. It is an ingredient in bitters.

Pure wormwood oil is very poisonous.

The word "wormwood" comes from Middle English "wormwode" or "wermode". The form "wormwood" is influenced by the traditional use as a cure for intestinal worms.

So this plant is so powerful that just associating with it’s roots, can kill other plants, it repels insects and even strong enough to kill worms in our bodies.

How could the results of associating with a strange woman be as “bitter as wormwood?”
Just by associating and rubbing shoulders and roots with a woman such as this, it could inhibit our growth.

What is the purpose of the double edge sword?
Make 2 swords out of cardboard. On one of them, color one edge of the sword red and on the double edged sword, color both edges red. Now invite a daring sibling or parent to a sword fight. Use the singe edge sword 1st and give your opponet the double edged sword. When you have the double edged sword, you can only hit your opponent with the red edge to be effective. Now on the next battle you use the double edged sword. Which sword was easier to fight with? Why?

When we use the double edged sword, you do not have to manuver the hand or concentrate on the edge of the sword but only on striking.

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