Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few Recent Comments From the Peanut Gallery

Brian: I have just 3 words for you, "I LOVE THIS HOUSE!"

So does this fall under math or grammar issues?

Allen de-iced the chest freezer this morning outside and through the chunks of ice out in the yard, Brian just came in yelling "GUYS! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS! IT HAILED GIANT PIECES OF HAIL JUST IN OUR YARD LAST NIGHT!!!"

Wyatt gave us a scare by jumping off the top of the bunk bed and was crying. I asked the girls why they didn't stop him.
Makensie: Because it didn't hurt him the 1st time.


Brian: Mom would you rather risk your life to save me, or dress up fancy and go to a party.
Me: Mmmm, well, I guess risk my life. What about you?
Brian: I'd probably risk my life, because I sure don't want to be an orphan.

I was rocking Wyatt and fell asleep. I woke up to him snoring and thought it was so cute and didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. He turns and looks at me and makes the snoring sound again and says, "I funny huh?" The little stinker was making fun of me!


Makensie: MOM! Brian is blowing popcorn seeds out of his nose at me!!!
Brian: Bahhhhaahha


Lynn said...


Adelia said...

"Because it didn't hurt him the first time." Too funny, yet at the same time I cringe with you because we both know that there is so much we miss as mothers of several kids. {sigh} {and then laugh}

I read this aloud to Brett and my mom like always and we enjoyed a good round of laughter!

Thanks, lady!


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