Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow

Or is it the other way around?

If I would just regularly sit down and update this blog quickly nightly, I wouldn't have these hodge podge of things I'm wanting to record and overwhelm all 3 of my friends that read this. :)

Makensie is taking ballet lessons and had her 1st recital. She felt really good about what she achieved. She is graceful and beautiful.

We are so thankful for her teacher, Miss Anna, as she has done a wonderful job instructing the girls and helping them to appreciate and use their bodies to glorify the Lord. And thankful that Miss Anna is offering this to our home school group.

We celebrated afterwards with Pizza and a cake.

We had round 2 of the Keepers of the Home with using royal icing to decorate Christmas Cookies. Once again thank you to Miss Kathryn for opening her home to a great group of kids and the mess that comes with that.

I always thought it would be fun to make a gingerbread house but was pretty intimidated with it. So we bought a $7 kit at WM this year and were pleased and plan to make it a tradition and maybe even make our own gingerbread next year.

Sugar Overload.

Our stockings (that my aunt Helen custom made for us) all hung by the fireplace with care, with hopes that the kids don't have nightmares from the wall of death above.

I had to share this photo of Brian. He was having a donut and coffee (yes I give my kids coffee, and they have even shown up at the local Mothering group with a sippy cup of it and I don't feel quilty...much.) He went and got the newspaper, mind you he can't read yet, to look at and be a "real man". I don't know where this came from because Allen doesn't drink coffee or read:)

Celebrated with friend for her birthday. (That's the cake to the left of me that I made for her)

Went to Kansas and enjoyed some snow! (I realize this isn't a great photo to show fun in the snow like the 4 foot drifts out in the country would have been, but it just then dawned on me to take one.)

Brian asked for a tuxedo for christmas....???....Aunt Gina bought him a shirt and tie...which he LOVES and has worn several times now for any reason he can.

This is the card that Gabby made me for my birthday. She drew the cat and cut her out. She loves art. She was blessed with art lessons for her birthday (thank you Aunt Gina) from Rich Davis when he taught the homeschool group this summer.
Makensie had 11 inches cut off her hair, by Aunt Debi. We are going to donate it to Pantene.

And of course now that she no longer has long hair a friend informed me of this site for hair styles for girls.

So Gabby let me practice on her:

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Bekah said...

Yay! Glad to see a post from you again! Love all the pictures too!


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