Friday, March 26, 2010

1 Down, and about 5000 more to go

So this week has been exhausting in a good way. We got the green light with the house and our friend/investor/blessing of a family signed the final papers. So each evening we've been heading over to paint and get some things crossed off the list before moving in. The first completed project is the laundry room. She went from dark brown paneling with a light that required you to manually screw or unscrew the bulb if you wanted to see anything. To, with a little money, sweat and skill later, we have an apple green "happy" laundry room, complete with tract lighting and a real light switch. Thank you honey! And thank you dear lady friends for blessing me with your most precious possession of time and fellowship to help me!


Melody said...

i LOVE green! Where are you moving?

Suzanne said...

Long story see post: For all this life is Temporary. And then the post: Welcome Home.

Short Story: lost house, got house back by way of Kittles. So this is the house we are moving back into. You didn't know we ever moved out huh?

Adelia said...


And I love that green!

Full of Grace said...

Love the color of your laundry room- it is a happy color! :)


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