Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shocked on a Whollllle - Notha - Levvvvvvelllll

Gabby: Mom, when our cat dies, can we stuff her like the deer? That was we can play with her forever?


Compliments of our new neighbor we just met 1 hour ago: Can Gabby stay all night tonight? It's my daughter's birthday.


Compliments of our new neighbor at 9pm (we just met 4 hour earlier): Do you have any chicken nuggets? My daughter doesn't want to eat what I cooked for supper.


Gabby: What's wrong with her boobs?
Me: That's what happens when you don't wear a bra.


Compliments of our new neighbor at the 22 hour mark: Can you babysit for the girls this afternoon? I need to go run some errands.


25 hour mark: Since you homeschool anyway, can you homeschool my son?


Compliments of the 7 year old neighbor girl: My mom wants to know if you can come over and talk to her?

Me: Um, can she come over here?

girl: She wants to know if you can start babysitting us?

Me: (only in my head) I thought I already was. And I thought both of your parents didn't work.


Compliments of the 5 year old neighbor: The police have been to our house before and arrested my dad.

Compliments of the 7 year old: Can I play now or do you want me to come back later?
Me: (only in my head) I'm guessing it's only to be both.


After returning home and finding my front door wide open and the neighbor girls waiting across the street for us to get home:
Me: Did you see anyone come over?
Them: No.
Me: Was my door open all the time?
Them: Yes. But don't worry, we walked thru and made sure that there were no robbers here and nothing was missing.
Me: thanks.

Compliments from our new neighbor girl after playing at our house for about an hour: My mom said to ask you that if you have to go anywhere if you would wait until they get home. They went to run errands.
Lord unto the least of these. Help me remember that all these kids want to be at our home for a reason. Help me keep my heart and home open to witness of you. Give me patience and grace and love for them as if they were my own.


Soaring High said...

Wow Suzanne. You don't need to go around the world, it's in your front yard. I'll pray for patience, insight and a lot of wisdom for you. Bless you.

Melody said...

I SO did not know you had a blog! I have one too :) Stop by and see me sometime :)

Shan said...

[I'm commenting while the 12 year old dances a huge jig to your witch doctor song-he was impressed that I knew the words]

BOY OH BOY do you have interesting neighbors! I'll admit I really struggle with neighbor outreach for fear of this very thing happening. That's not the right attitude, I realize, but it can be hard when you can't even escape from people in your own house.

Thanks for not telling them it me that asked you to home school my children-baha.

When do you move?

Suzanne said...

Thanks Melinda!
Shan- It looks like this weekend we'll be starting the process of moving.

The neighbors...this family is the reason people don't reach out to their neighbors. They have been here every day needing something. A spatula, tylonol, me to download pictures. It's been really difficult this week being spring break as the kids are home all day. So after they emptied several boxes I had packed up, I've just said no each time. And it's only Tuesday! This morning the little girl came over and said, "my mom is wanting to clean house so she sent us over here to play." NO! I'M trying to clean too! But I was polite. Can't she just wait til Monday when the kids all get on the bus and since her nor her husband neither one work, I would think they could bust it out in 2 hours?

Shannae said...

Suzanne, I know it's difficult but I'm pretty sure God placed you in those neighbors lives for a reason. They need Him! Praying for patience, understanding and wisdom for you! Love you friend that I've not had my face to face with yet :)


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