Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Message in a Bottle

As we were standing on the bridge overlooking Sager Creek bubbling along, there was a dark glass bottle floating on the surface that contained a paper. The girls and I were both excited just to spot it. Wishing we had a way to grab it up, but without a net or some daring soul to jump in the frigid spring water we had to just stand and watch and wonder the thousands of possibilities that were contained within. Even now, 4 days later I catch myself wondering about the message in the bottle. Was it something that would have changed out lives? Or just a fun experiment? Was it intended for us to find and we just didn't grasp the opportunity with determination that we were going to get it? Were we just lazy? Or did God not intend for us to find it at all?

I pray that as each message in life that passes our way, that we will capture it and learn from it.

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Full of Grace said...

Wow, how often does that happen? That would leave me so curious, I would probably have to find a way to figure out how to get it :)

I like what you said at the end most though- how many times has God "sent me a message" and I missed it's meaning..Hmm..good to think about, Thanks :)


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