Friday, April 30, 2010

Rock Your World

I was concerned about the day yesterday as it started with Gabby greeting me with with a groaning "How much longer til coffee is ready?".

But it turned out to be absolutely beautiful. Maybe a tad windy for my liking heightened by the fact that I forgot to put down paperweights in the office before opening the windows, but beautiful all the same.

The kids played outside every chance they got. Riding bikes, swinging all together, pushing Wyatt around in his little truck and playing on the trampoline. Brian asked me yesterday afternoon, "How hot is it out here? Like 100' degree's??!!!" I let him know that it was 81'. And while I thought that was the end of our conversation he in his oh-so-boy-style continued, "I'm sweating! My butt is sweating. It's so wet it feels like diarrhea in my underwear. I'm..." I had to cut him off. "OK! I get the picture! That's enough!"

Yesterday we also had a small earthquake that lasted 10 seconds. I had no idea. Truly with 4 kids running around, who feels a small shake? I have this intense fear of items collapsing, although I've never been in a building as it collapsed. I still have visions of the news reports of the newly opened hotel in KC on New Years Eve that collasped when I was in my teens and realized that all buildings are not weight proof. This has proved to be an annoying fear as I don't like bridges, tall buildings, heavy items in our house, lots of people in any one place. I am uncomfortable with just having a piano in the house. I realize though that it is not a fear of falling, but a fear of falling and getting hurt. I'm working thru it and holding onto the fact that God is in control of all things. Both the good and ones that appear as not so good. Back on track. I'm however not terrified of earthquakes. I have this interest and desire to actually feel one. Not a huge one, but just a small tremor. To feel the earth...move....under my feet.

I started a new diet plan this morning, it's called the stomach flu. It works great and is so easy to stick with. But life as a mom continues.


Shan said...

Hahahaha OHHH. That last part isn't very funny is it? Well, at least it's slimming-we'll take what we can get on that front...and back ;)

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Brian!!- ewwww

That's an unusual fear...I think... to be scared of falling and getting hurt, but actually desire to feel a small tremor. You are unique! :-)

Hope you are feeling better by now, friend.


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