Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Smacks

God Smacks is what we call it when someone does something they shouldn't have and appears to get away with it, only it ends up having a negative outcome in the end. Some would call this karma. Some God Smacks this week:

*Made a cake and butter cream frosting. Left the room and explicit instructions for no one to taste the frosting. Come by to find someone had taken a finger full of what they thought was white frosting in a little bowl on the counter. I'm sure they were surprised to taste Crisco.

*Every time I make Chicken Enchiladas I hear, "They are really good, but not as good as Aunt Gina's". So tonight I added her secret touch of running the chicken thru the blender. We do smoothies often, so at the sound of the blender, kids came running begging for just a spoonful. When I turned my back, Wyatt had taken off with the entire bowl of chicken filling with green chilies. I'm guessing definitely not the smoothie he was hoping for.

Thank you Lord for keeping my back with these kiddos.


Soaring High said...

rolling on the floor here!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning. :)

Shan said...

Hahaha! I love the ornery streaks! Deven is always so surprised when I discover something he's done if he doesn't see me seeing him. He says "Do you always know?" God's got our back :D

Speaking of... you reminded me of a song Jamey and I used to laugh at so I'll link it for you. This version is sadly missing the whipping sound after he says "God's backhand" each time in the chorus.

Full of Grace said...

Like your God Smacks! :) They were good ones (we had the crisco one happen before too) :)


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