Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In His Image

God shows Himself in both the masculine qualities we find in men and the feminine qualities we find in women. What is it that we women reveal about who God is? Women are relational. If you want to know how someone is doing you don't ask the man, you ask the woman. We are the ones who dive in and ask those questions, that my husband accuses me of being too personal and invading sometimes. Which I'm sure he sees it that way, most women view it as truly caring beyond that, "how are you?" courtesy question.

The last couple of years have brought many changes for our household. We went from homeschool 2 girls to adding a boy to the mix. A little one that went from baby to full throttle boy toddler. I took on managing the office full time from home for my husbands business. We moved twice. All of that takes a lot of focus to detail. It was exhausting. I am organized to a point, because I have to be. But this is not my desire. I enjoy leadership, but that is because it gives me an opportunity to serve others, not because I'm the best manager. I LOVE spending time with women. I try my hardest to follow up and encourage and continually pray for areas of their lives I know they are struggling.

I had came to a point where I viewed this as a weakness, as if it made me lazy that I was inclined to choose a relationship building afternoon with some phone calls or emails that were pressing on my heart vs mopping the floor. I have come to accept that this is a part of God Himself. He is a relational God. I was so thankful to be reminded to have a Mary heart in a Martha world. I still have to find that balance because my husband is not a relational creature and it is important to have the main rooms picked up and a hot meal on the table, which I enjoy honoring him with. I have given myself some grace and ask for wisdom that the Lord will use me where He may and to help me be a reflection of Him and how much He cares for others. And on this journey to echo more of Him, I'm sure I'll continue to fail many.

We as women often define ourselves by the relationship of our lives with our spouse, children, family members. God yearns for a relationship with us as well. He is a jealous God. He desires our hearts to desire Him. We are tenderhearted, we are inviting, we are hospitable, tender, merciful and at the same time fiercely devoted. God is all these things too. If everyone is created in His image, what is it we can discover about Him in each person we meet?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Grand Finale

It seems everywhere I turn I am being directed to study "women". How God sees us, how God cares for us, how we as women display the "image of God."

I'm reading a book, "Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldredge and Stasi invites us to view creation thru a new set of glasses. With each new day of creation, God added more detail, more beauty to the world, like a crescendo with a magnificent ending. I personally had found myself as many women thinking of myself as an afterthought. As merely a helpmate for the magnificent ending that was man. But God is omnipotent. He knew before He created man that He was not finished. Woman was the grand finale.

Women entice men with their beauty. Even women notice other beautiful women. Not in a sexual way, but who hasn't had their breathe taken away by a gorgeous woman? Maybe your daughter? Or maybe your grandmother, dressed for a special gathering? If you can tomorrow morning, look out over the earth green with many plants and colorful flowers, the perfect blue summer sky, listen to the birds welcoming the day, in the evening as you watch the sun set in a prism of colors and listen to the serenade of the locust. Know that you as woman are more beautiful and detailed and the zenith of all that was created.:) Not because of how you look but because of who designed you?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Small Claims Court

I don't have a picture to post of this one. Although I thought about taking one with the judge. Allen and I had to appear in small claims court last night. I have been so nervous about it since this ordeal 1st began back in April. Neither of us have ever had to do something like this before and really didn't know what to expect. We pray we never have to go thru it again.

While the judge was very nice, it was very difficult for justice to prevail. For 2 reasons, 1 being that while I was extremely detailed and prepared for the evening, my nerves got the best of me and I forgot to mention about 90% of what I wanted to. 2ndly the reason my nerves were so crazy was because the plaintiff stood there and lied repeatedly. Straight faced, absolute lies. I was shocked. We had just taken an oath. This was a woman that claims to be a Christian yet the fruits of her life have yet to show that, a woman that lied in front of 2 witnesses that I had there that can testify otherwise. The judge tried his best, but I could barely speak without getting shaky and here was the other woman who seems to be a pro at this. Not even a quiver in her voice knowing she is stealing from God's people. Not even a concern.

I thought of the prayers of David that God right the wrongs that the unrighteous attack us with. I am anxious to see how what satan obviously meant for harm, what good the Lord will bring of this. God knows our hearts, he knows our desire to only please him. That money that was unrightly gained thru wrong will not to going to help feed other families in need this month, it won't be going to bless others in need. I pray that while the Lord does bring about his justice, that he will also allow us to see His favor and return the money to those who love him.

I didn't sleep well last night. I kept thinking of what I should have said. Even her evidence in pictures were tampered with and not truthful. Did I mention that I'm just shocked that someone would do that? I am thankful that even though things didn't go the way we hoped that at least when I'm out in public if we run into her I won't have to live with the shame that we did something wrong and that same day when we all stand in front of the final judge she will have to answer for herself.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife

I think just about everyone has heard of this book. And if you haven't I highly encourage you to get it. Not just to get another book, but to read it and commit to praying. I personally had grown lax about praying daily for Allen.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to get more involved with a women's ministry and food pantry to serve others. I admitted up front my fears. Every time I have stepped out to put myself out there for any kind of leadership or service for the Lord, I get attacked. Satan attacks me thru words as these are my love language. Give me a heart felt compliment and I'll love ya and can survive for weeks on it. But just as devastating are words filled with hatred and lies and slander. Satan is like a wolf in sheep's clothes. He appears to be innocent and good until you are taken in. He has attacked in the form of friends, women who were leading a women's ministry at church, family, strangers.

I prayed that I would recognize any attack and be ready for any more onslaught of condemning words that cause doubt. Satan my not be wise, but he is cunning. Attacking from angles we did not prepare or foresee. Creeping in slowly so as to go unnoticed.

I would like to challenge all you wives to be on your knees before the Lord each and every day as you commit your marriage and husband to the Lord. Satan is in full force to come against marriages that are doing something good for the kingdom. I am recommitting to be the praying wife that my husband needs.

Here is one of the prayers from her book:

His Reputation
"Lord, I pray that (husband's name) will have a reputation that is untarnished. I know that a man if often valued "by what others say of him" (Prov 27:21), so I pray that he will be respected in our town and people will speak highly of him. You've said in Your Word that "a curse without cause shall not alight" (Prov 26:2). I pray that there would never be any reason for bad things to be said of him. Keep him out of legal entanglements. Protect us from lawsuits and criminal proceedings. Deliver those who rise up to do him harm (Psalm 59:1). Fight against those who fight against him (Psalm 35:1). In You, O Lord, we put our trust. Let us never be put to shame (Psalm 71:1). If You are for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)?

Your Word says that "a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire" (Matt 7:18-19). I pray that my husband will bear good fruit out of the goodness that is within him, and that he will be known by the good that he does. May the fruits of honesty, trustworthiness, and humility sweeten all his dealings, so that his reputation will never be spoiled.

Preserve his life from the enemy, hide him from the secret counsel of the wicked. Pull him out of any net which has been laid for him (Psalm 31:4). Keep him safe from the evil of gossiping mouths. Where there has been ill spoken of him, touch the lips of those who it with Your refining fire. Let the responsibility of those involved be revealed. Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion who seek to destroy his life; let them be driven backward and brought to dishonor who wish him evil (Psalm 40:14). May he trust in You and not be afraid of what man can do to him (Psalm 56:11). For You have said whoever believes in You will not be put to shame (Romans 10:11). Lead him, guide him, and be his mighty fortress and hiding place. May his light so shine before men that they see his good works and glorify You, Lord (Matt 5:16)


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