Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In His Image

God shows Himself in both the masculine qualities we find in men and the feminine qualities we find in women. What is it that we women reveal about who God is? Women are relational. If you want to know how someone is doing you don't ask the man, you ask the woman. We are the ones who dive in and ask those questions, that my husband accuses me of being too personal and invading sometimes. Which I'm sure he sees it that way, most women view it as truly caring beyond that, "how are you?" courtesy question.

The last couple of years have brought many changes for our household. We went from homeschool 2 girls to adding a boy to the mix. A little one that went from baby to full throttle boy toddler. I took on managing the office full time from home for my husbands business. We moved twice. All of that takes a lot of focus to detail. It was exhausting. I am organized to a point, because I have to be. But this is not my desire. I enjoy leadership, but that is because it gives me an opportunity to serve others, not because I'm the best manager. I LOVE spending time with women. I try my hardest to follow up and encourage and continually pray for areas of their lives I know they are struggling.

I had came to a point where I viewed this as a weakness, as if it made me lazy that I was inclined to choose a relationship building afternoon with some phone calls or emails that were pressing on my heart vs mopping the floor. I have come to accept that this is a part of God Himself. He is a relational God. I was so thankful to be reminded to have a Mary heart in a Martha world. I still have to find that balance because my husband is not a relational creature and it is important to have the main rooms picked up and a hot meal on the table, which I enjoy honoring him with. I have given myself some grace and ask for wisdom that the Lord will use me where He may and to help me be a reflection of Him and how much He cares for others. And on this journey to echo more of Him, I'm sure I'll continue to fail many.

We as women often define ourselves by the relationship of our lives with our spouse, children, family members. God yearns for a relationship with us as well. He is a jealous God. He desires our hearts to desire Him. We are tenderhearted, we are inviting, we are hospitable, tender, merciful and at the same time fiercely devoted. God is all these things too. If everyone is created in His image, what is it we can discover about Him in each person we meet?

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Suzanne said...

Okay I think maybe i am figuring out what I am doing in blog world. I am very new to this. First, my name is Suzanne. Good name, yes I agree! Second I have just barely started my own blog...literally just started using, hopefully I'll learn as time goes on. But I was trying to see if I could google my blogspot name and get it to come up Suzannie's blog and the answer to that is no . But I came across yours in the googling. God, honey, purely a god thing.
My husband and I decided after reading 101 things about you and several other of your posts that we are long lost soul sisters. I just can't tell you how many of the things we were reading and going Whoa...that is just like you, not to mention our names are Suzanne. But the biggest clue that we r connected and God had me find you and your words, was your verse, or should I say my most precious verse jer. 29:11....I Wish I had time to explain tonight, but just know that you are definately ministering to women and God used you tonight in my life. Thank you, I will continue to follow, and maybe one day you can follow me, when my blog is more than two post.
Thanks again and nite


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