Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Quickly Life Changes

I haven't posted for quite a while. This past month life as we know it has quickly came to a turn around. I have been sick most days by mid afternoon I'm done for. We have been blessed to not have this kind of consistent pregnancy sickness with any of the other kiddos, so I can't really complain, other than it has been difficult to get everything done that is required of a mom.

This past weekend after a sudden loss of blood, we landed in ER for 1/2 the day and me on bed rest for 3 days. But baby's heartbeat is strong and my body seems to be doing well. We had several hours of silence to sit and think. It was in our minds that God was in control, but your mind can go to some dark places of "what if" at times.

We are thanking the Lord that all is well at now almost 12 weeks. And we would be praising Him all the same for His love if I was posting otherwise today. We are also so incredibly blessed to have the friends and family in our lives that immediately took kids, brought meals, picked up laundry and cleaned our home.


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