Tuesday, October 19, 2010

June 2010...just a little late

Forgive me for these updates and photos being a good 4 months in the past.

We painted the front porch this summer. This is the little man helping me wash all the wood railings down 1st.

And After:

Gabby turned 9 years old. Although I took the cake decorating classes so that I could make some lovely cakes for my kiddos birthdays, I was turned down for the job as she wanted to do her own cake. I printed off the directions and she did it all including switching out the correct tips. She is by far more creative and talented than I. (it's a pony).

Summer sunburns :(

They were all slathered down with lotion and all out for the same amount of time. Makensie has my skin and got it the worst. She turned red, pink and then back to translucent.

Gabby turned a nice warm tan and peeled a little on her shoulders.

Brian got tan and had a bajillion little blisters on his shoulders.
Enjoyed a beautiful rainbow!
Made a short notice wedding cake.
Worked at a fund raiser for 4H.
Attended a night of ministry where the gentleman tamed a wild horse in front of us in less than 2 minutes and correlated it to scripture. It was amazing.
Took in an area fireworks display. Notice Allen wearing a sweatshirt while the rest of us were sweating! Come to find out he was on the verge of heat stroke. It was a long hot summer for him.

So went the month of June.

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Soaring High said...

It's never too late. Looks like some fun memories!


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