Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sisterhood Creations

I would like to introduce to you Sisterhood Creations. Makensie and Gabby voted out of picking up walnuts this year as a business for themselves. "It's just too cold and dirty". We saw these adorable necklaces at a friend's booth at a craft fair this summer. We were smitten immediately and happily bought a couple of sets. The girls loved mixing and matching their caps, but quickly decided they would like more options. They also thought this was the answer to their business woes and decided to put together their own creations. Hope you will look and enjoy and let us know if you would like to purchase any for yourself or as a sweet girls gift.

$3.00 per necklace or bracelet, this is a stretchy choker.
$2.00 per bottle cap or 6 for $10

The back of the bottle cap has a super strong magnet that attaches to the necklace and can be interchanged with other choker colors.

Initials Collection:

Hello Kitty Collection:

Cherry Collection:

Owl Collection:

Cupcake Collection:

Funky Monkey Collection:

Plaid Jammin' Collection:

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