Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Church or be church

One hundred religious persons knit into a unity by careful organizations do not constitute a church any more than eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always ~~~Tozer~~~

I saw this quote recently. How true. How many of us are Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Christians, then the rest of the week behind closed doors our love for the Lord isn't enough to make us repent and live a consistent and fruitful life every day that will glorify Him. Would we openly act, speak or live the same way in our homes or with friends that we present ourselves as in the Church building? Christ said that WE christians are the church. Not just at certain times each week but always.

Lord increase my love for you so that I have no desire to live in any way but one that honors you. Let the life we live be one that others will desire to be around to know that fulfillment that only comes from knowing you. Let us be an example at all hours to those we don't even realize are watching. Help me remember today that I have a ministry when I'm loading the dishwasher and doing paperwork that I'm serving my family and how they see me react and speak to them will reflect You.


Wendy said...

Amen. We are the church. Gathering in a building can help unify and strengthen believers, equipping us to go out and overflow. It's not about compartmentalizing, which is what too often happens.
And I'm learning that "at all hours" when it seems no one is watching... my children always are. And if I'm going to bring them up to love, serve, desire God, then it has to be a minute-by-minute joy on my part, not just a "weekly meeting".
Love ya, girl.

life...just saying said...

This comment isn't about post but the scripture Job 8:21 from The Message. I had to write it down. On a day like today, after the year we have just gone through, this scripture brings me great comfort. I came upon your blog by purusing Next Blog...certainly glad I did!

Bless you!


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