Monday, March 14, 2011


I haven't been writing much at all lately. I miss it. I have found myself substituting status on FB as a quickly way to update, however fear how much I'm forgetting to jot down the fun things in life in a permanent place.

We have 16 days from today for our official "due date" for this little man. And honestly I wouldn't be offended if he decided to make his appearance a little sooner. I have always loved being pregnant, however have found myself sick, hurting to the point of barely walking or struggling with migraines for the past 8 1/2 months. It has been discouraging and exhausting all in one. Thank goodness we moms tend to forget all that when we hold that precious little baby and kiss and smell their warm little heads and chubby fingers and rock their tiny bodies against us as they sleep so contently. We look forward to the gift of a new baby and selfishly I'm looking forward to walking normally again:)


Stacy said...

Anxious to meet this precious new family member of yours. Sorry I didn't make it to the shower. Let me know if I can do anything for you and I'll drop off a gift later. Also Farmers Market sign up forms.

Suzanne said...

No worries about the shower Stacy, I felt very honored to just be getting one at all being the 5th baby:)

Full of Grace said...

Can't believe your duedate is so quickly approaching..I really do need to be better at keeping on top of your blog! Please post pics when little one comes :)


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