Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I just read a wonderful article on What Should Spiritual Leadership look like.  I encourage you ladies to take it in.  It, as well as some of the comments from others, echoed my heart.  Allen works from 4am until 6 pm Monday thru Friday and sometimes Saturdays.  We have 6 kiddos that we homeschool.  Allen is a young Christian in his walk in comparison to the years I have in.  At times, I get tempted to compare his walk and mine.  I get tempted to compare his walk with other men.  And all unhappiness comes from comparison.  I tend to forget that at the time the words of Deuteronomy 6:7 were written, there wasn't a printing company on every corner and a bible in every hotel room drawer nor a devotional of 101 great family night devotionals to order from Amazon.  But that there were men and women gathering to break bread together, and hear the word shared.  It was at a time that the majority of children were home all day working along side their parents, passing down teaching and stories through life.  Our Americanized and Christianized new standard ways sometimes blur our vision.  My prayer is that I will woo my husband's heart as the Lord does by being gentle and not that constant dripping.  So that as my husband grows I will not get in the Lord's way.  So that God, if it's HIS will, will be the one to encourage Allen to want to teach and lead more.  But for now, I too am being impressed upon.  Impressed how generous Allen is.  How he honors not only his, but my parents.  How he strives to do what is right.  How hard working he is.  How protective he is of us.  And directing the kids attention to those qualities.  What we do speaks louder than what we say, is the old saying. Our pastor just pointed out last week that there is no such thing as a better christian.  We are one or we aren't one.  We all grow at different paces and in different areas.  Thankfully my husband is a Christian and for this I have so much to be thankful for.  I pray that I find more grace for Allen and watch for more opportunities to point our his life as it reflects the qualities that The Lord is overjoyed by rather than the areas he is still growing in.  After all, that is what I hope for from him and HIM.


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