Friday, December 22, 2006

Am I the Only One?

Am I the only one that feels like there is constant drama in my family? I have 2 sisters and a brother. I'm the only one who has moved away from the little town we grew up in. It seems like at all times someone is in the hot seat. Either a sister in law for not saying the right thing, the brother for not coming around enough, a sister for being in a bad mood, my mom for being pushy. Once you enter the dreaded place of the hot seat you will stay there until everyone has talked it to death behind your back, you somehow find out that you are the one in the hot seat and apologize to everyone for unknowinly being human and making a mistake, or fresh meat bumps you out of the hot seat with a new comment or scerio.

When I am away from my family I start missing them and want to move closer and when I do go visit I often get caught up in the latest drama. Which is one of the main reasons my husband does not want to move closer than we are. So who's in the hot seat now? Myself. It does bother me because I always want to be the peacemaker and like it when everything is running smootly. You would think I'd be used to it by now. I have been in the hot seat dozens of times before....for going to dinner with a sister in law that noone liked, for homeschooling, for going to church too much, for selling Mary Kay, for being too strict with my kids, for not coming home enough, for coming home too much, for saying I wasn't too excited about a new boyfriend and supporting a breakup that never happened, for baby #3, for baby #4 and on and on. I've been in this aweful and well used hot seat at their home, and have not lived there for over 15 years, more times for unintentional things, than I have been in the hot seat at my own home with my husband for things I intentionally did to try to stir up some kind of reaction from him. Is it because I'm just so oblivious to my own stupidity and going against the flow of what is acceptable? Is it because there is little involvement in anything besides that family unit and work to focus on? Is it just a small town soap opera? Or Is it because our priorities are different?


Stacy said...

Oh yes. I've been there! Mostly with my in-laws, but I've been there. Family can be great, and it can be not-so-great... I'm praying for you!! :)

Amy H. said...

Holy cow! Are we in the same family and I just didn't know it? I kid you not! This sounds just like the not so mentally healthy's in my family. Love 'em, but wow, they can seriously send me to the funny farm. And, don't feel bad, I'm ALWAYS in the hot seat, and I still can't figure out why. Very strange!


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