Saturday, December 30, 2006

I have some warm crow pie to eat.

This morning since it is my birthday I envisioned my hubby getting up early to make breakfast in bed, take care of the kids, make me a cake and getting started on his 5 page honey do list. However, come 10am he was still snoring away. I was weighing all my options and at first thought I would add a little something to his lunch and just give him a sever case of diarrhea. But realized that it really isn't his fault. He was diagnosed with RCD after our 1st year of marriage. Romantically Challenged Disorder. Together we have been taking it one day at a time and although we try not to get our hopes up for anything long term, we rejoice with each small sign of improvement.

Today he had one of those days of miraculous healing. After he got up about 10:15 he asks if I wanted breakfast or to go out to lunch. Then he told me there was an envelope on top of the frig for me. I went ahead and took a shower, got the kids ready and then checked the envelope. I figured it was probably some cash to use to buy myself something. I was wrong. I opened the card and found a beautiful homemade card...not by him. My one hobby besides all this blogging is making cards. He went by and saw my stampin up consultant sometime. In 3 days starts their sellabration. He got me a set of markers and the water color crayons I had been wanting for over a year, which means I'll also get to pick out 3 sets of stamps for free. I was for once out of words. Then we left and he took me to the Marketplace Grill. We haven't went to a restaurant (one that doesn't' offer a happy meal anyway) since last Valentines. His thoughtfulness and planning was just so perfect. Guess he'll be gettin lucky tonight. lol.


Stacy said...

Yea for Allen!! ;)
I'm very glad to hear that you had a good day!
Personally, I usually feel fortunate if Mike remembers my birthday on the correct day. And then I'm luck to get a phone call. LOL!

Amy H said...

I think it is just a genetic male thing, this RCD. Every now and then they suprise you though, and you do get a glimpse of hope. My husband got me a Christmas centerpiece because I wasn't feeling so good last week. Very thoughtful, and suprising. Maybe it's better that way...hmmm...maybe not. :)


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