Saturday, December 09, 2006

The strange draw of the storage closet

At the top of the stairway, there is a storage closet to your right. Our home is 102 years old so there are a lot of fun little spaces and quirks about it. However, this one room just has always given me the willy's. I know, it's rather silly, but I still don't go in there after dark unless there is someone else with me, even the 3 year old counts. It's dark and the light switch is behind the door which means I have to shut myself in and frantically feel the wall for the switch before the safety of light is restored. If I go in the day time it isn't quite so bad because there is another door with a window in it that goes out to another room that is even creepier, however there are windows in that room so during the day there is at least some light in the closet. Twice now I have about given myself a heart attack. Once as I shut the door behind me I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and I did. There at the end of what used to be an old hallway stood a man hiding behind some hanging clothes. I didn't even try to get to the light switch just turned around and about ripped the door off the hinges trying to get out. Once I could breathe again and turned on all the other upstairs lights and peeked backed in, I realized that the man was actually my husbands hunting waders. The closet is the perfect place to store them as that way they are with the 2 deer head trophy's staring me down everytime I enter "the closet". The 2nd heartattack came when I once dared to enter after dark. I shut the door behind me and just knew someone was in there with me. It was pitch black. My fingers finally found my familiar friend of the light switch, which happens to be behind one of the deer heads, (convenient, I know), I flipped the switch and turned around only to be 5 feet away from the vision of a woman. I was unable to move or even breathe. I realized it was just me in the reflection of the window of the door. The kids have also had there run in with it, they were all upstairs playing one day when I heard muffled yelling which quickly turned into muffled screaming and crying. Allen ran up the stairway taking 3 steps at a time. They were all three in "The Closet", door shut, unable to reach the light switch. The door also does not have a handle on the inside, however can be pulled open by tugging on the wire rack on the back of the door. But in the dark, and with 3 little ones just trying to push their way out, it was just trapping them in. For months this was the safest place to hide anything as not one of them was willing to venture in. One of my sisters even told me that she wouldn't recommend watching "The Grudge" while we lived in this house. Thanks. I couldn't watch the movie anyway as I had nightmares just from catching some commercials for it. While this closet is home to all kinds of items that we are thankful for and give us joy such as seasonal decoration, all the kids clothes (it's just easier to have 1 big closet for them), hunting gear, crafts, gifts, junk etc. It is also home to a slice of fear in our home. I hope to say day say I'm a recovered fearaholic but for now, I am a scaried cat.

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