Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yet another word from Gabby

We dropped by Toys R Us to use a gift card from Christmas, all seemed to go well. I was even to the point of strapping Gabby in the carseat, when her eyes caught her first victim of the day. A really tale, broad man, with long wavy hair, wearing dark sunglasses, a black tshirt and a do rag. Gabby points and yells as he is walking beside our van, "Look it's a pirate! Look Brian and Kensie he's a pirate." He heard and actually chuckled at it. I wanted to request an "ARRR" out of him, but thought best not to push my luck. We had a little chat when he left.

At wal-mart we met the neatest old man on one of those riding carts. He was a spitfire and immediately started harassing my kiddos when he saw them arguing. I felt like I was getting to enjoy time with my grandpa all over again...until I saw his hand. He was missing 2 fingers and a thumb and had a bandaid on a wound. Seconds after I noticed, so does Gabby, "why do you have a bandaid on?" as she POKED the bandaid, quite hard. Then she notices his hand. Up scrunches her nose and upper lip then squirting of her eyes in her typical fashion "What happened to your fingers?!" He explained that he cut them off on a saw when he was a little boy. She tells him, "I'd do something about that." After a bit he starts to cruise off and pats them all on the head, except Gabby, and she backs away and tells him, "no, not with that hand". We had a little chat when he left.

Then we were in the Wal-Mart bathroom. There were 4 stalls and my kids were in 3 of them while I waited in line with 3 other ladies behind me. Someone passed gassed. I just bowed my head. I knew I was about to be embarrassed yet again. Gabby yells in a singsong, "Uh-oh, someone tooted! Momma, did you hear that? Someone just tooted. Gross!" We had a another little chat when we left.

It still wasn't as bad as the time we saw a (I have to word this very carefully as not to offend anyone, please forgive me if I do, I'll try to be as politically correct as possible) topless, african american, little person, dressed like a ganster. I saw him coming down the isle, but it was too late to turn around for he had already been spotted. Now my kids have not ever had an issue with race, they've inquired, and we explained that it is the same as all the different colors of the flowers. God made people all different to make our world a more beautiful place. (not to mention in a perfect world and in my husband perfect fantasy world, I would have been born of color) I was just praying that Gabby would remember that since he didn't have a shirt on. Her jaw dropped, giving her most dramatic shocked looked I've ever had to witness and she literally circled around him, the whole time pulling away from me, saying, "momma, look how short he is. What is wrong with him? You can see his underwear. Why is he almost naked? What is on your head? He's as short as me." Mind you, that even when this child is talking it sounds like she is yelling. All of her questions and comments were topices, we had not thought to talk about. I apologized almost wishing he WOULD pull out a gun and put me out of my humiliation at this point and dragged her away. We had a little chat when we left.

What is so wrong about putting a shock collar with low voltage on a child for training purposes?!

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