Friday, January 26, 2007

Fire Station Visit

We took the kids to tour the Fire Station last night with a group of other preschool parents. They had a great time. The tour started at 5:30 and I had another engagement at 6:30. We were doing great on time. We even got to hear a call come in and see one of the trucks leave. We walked through the living quarters and sat in the trucks and ambulances.

Then headed back to the training room at 6:10. They showed the kids what a fireman looks like in all his garb so they wouldn't think he was a monster in the event of a fire in their home. Then opened up the room for questions. There were several cute questions by the kids. Makensie even asked if they skipped church when they had to work on Sunday. I thought that was great that she was so concerned about church since we have been searching for a new church home ourselves.

However, there is always that one person in every group that is a troublemaker. Last night there was one adult who just kept asking questions. As the time was getting closer and closer to 6:30 I was getting more annoyed and all the kids were getting more restless. The 1st question or two I smiled at him to let him know that was a good question. Then over time with the questioning my smiles turned to just looks, then I gave him that, "Shut Up" look. You would have thought he knew the look, as Allen has seen it many times before.

So after hubby got all his questions answered we took off running a little late. He was excited about the night, maybe more excited than the kids. They all got plastic fire helmets and coloring books and even snacks afterward. I think I see hubby taking on a second job here shortly as a fire was relit in his dream book.

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