Friday, January 05, 2007

Getting Old

The other night I was having coffee with some friends and the discussion eventually turned to how old and saggy our bodies are getting. One of the ladies joked that her boobs had gotten long and there was now work involved in putting on a bra. I related somewhat, but didn't think I really had enough up top be considered "long".

I was wrong. When I had just gotten out of the shower last night Gabby starts in singing, "Boobies, boobies, boobies." Makensie, always quick to side with the underdog, yells at her "Gabby, stop it! How would you like it if you had really long boobies and some one was making fun of you?" Guess now that I've crossed over to the droopy side, I will be looking into joining the saggy baggy boobie tribe and hopefully show up on the cover of the first porn magazine I ever heard of...aka The National Geographic. I think it is only appropriate since I was in denial for so long, that "denial" will be the river we'll be washing our long boobies in while we're in Africa on our photo shoot.


Shannon said...

You're cracking me up! Just looking back at your posts and really enjoying your outlook :) It will be funny one day to run into you in town and know who you are from the descriptions. I have a hundred + year old house in S.S. too...maybe we're neighbors. Also, I'm a homeschool Mom wanabee but I can't quite muster up the organization to pull it off.:} Keep up the good work!!

Amy Hornek said...

I love this story. I can so relate too! I think the nursing has not helped it. Lilla likes to stretch them out as she sucks. Nice picture I've just painted you. Lovely. I'm actually the leader of that saggy baggy boobie tribe...look me up when you get there! :)


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