Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heart rung, Psalms sung.

If David's heart had not been rung, then David's Psalms would not have been sung. I like that. I saw that in an old article this morning but cannot make out who the author is.

I get somewhat concerned with the preachers that preach all uplifting and happy sermons filled with prosperity, health and happiness. While these are things that God wants for us, it doesn't mean that we are always at that conjucture in life where He can trust us with them or if He can trust us, that the timing is right for us to have them.

God does tell us that if we love Him, that we can be sure that those who do not love Him will not love us. He says that for those who live godly lives will be faced with suffering from those who hate Him. That is the spiritual warfare we are faced with, doomed to face as long as we confess our love for Him. This is Satan's role in our life. God calls it warfare because we have to continually fight back. Satan is not defeated once and for all to never bother us again the day we ask Christ into our hearts. God is stronger, and He allows us to grow stronger and richer in Him by allow these battles into our lives.

We are to have an attitude of love for our enemies and pray for them with absolute sincerity. Because the prayer will be either bless our enemy or it will bless one saying the prayer. So today, perceive the best for your life, expect great blessing for your life, have compassion and love for your enemies, but watch your back, because by all means, your enemy is.

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Amy Hornek said...

Aren't you thankful that Christ has the victory? I am!!


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