Monday, January 22, 2007

Here's To A Vomit Free Day

A couple of weeks ago I threw up after supper, I was not feeling sick, just a pregnancy thing. All the kids come running in to "help" me. Makensie was getting a cold cloth, Gabby wanted to try to hold my hair back, and Brian gagged and threw up on me.

I'm guessing Brian got his dad's gag flex. Two of my best laughs are from this condition he has.

The first was brought on by watching Allen vomit repeatedlyafter one of our kids threw up.
We were at his grandparents house for Thanksgiving so the entire family watched from inside the large picture window, laughing with sympathy only of course.

And the second was watching Allen vomit repeatedly on the side of the road after one of our kids got car sick. The added bonus was getting to watch him hang his head out the window like a giant dog with drool flying off his chin, as we drove 20 minutes to the next gas station so we could hose out the inside of the suburban. And being the loving wife I am I could not quit giggling at the thought and hopeful thinking that a big fat juicy bug would smack him in the forehead.

Hope you all have a vomit free day!

1 comment:

Amy Hornek said...

I was wondering if you'd had the baby yet...not too much longer!

I have that same gag relax. Oh yeah, good times!

Have a good gag free day!


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