Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm in labor, I'm in labor not.

So I'd have to say the last couple of days of aches and pains has made me a little cranky. On top of that I wet my pants...twice in one day from sneezing thinking my water had broke, then the spontaneous vomitting and the terrible pain in my lower back and the Braxtons, made me reason that I truely was heading toward the labor. We didn't go to the hospital because I wanted to make 100% sure. Afterall I can humiliate myself just fine by myself without going to the hospital and paying someone else to tell me how ridicious I can be. Who doesn't know if they are in labor on the 4th baby? Today I feel much better besides the migraine I developed which could have been brought on from our trip to Wal-Mart this morning.

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