Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm Number One!

Tonight on the way home from Girl Scouts I noticed a car pull out behind me. I didn't pay much attention as I was pretty caught up trying to talk with Gabby and find out if she would like me to stop and get some egg drop soup on the way home since she is sick. I was also distracted by the fact I couldn't hear her answer because of Makensie's incessant chatting. We were on a back street and so I honestly wasn't driving very fast, probably just at 25mph. From the time the car started to follow me until they had a chance to turn onto the 4 line road and pass was a total of maybe 6 blocks. I turned right and they followed and honked and told me in so many fingers that I was number one.

I waved and said, thank you. This was just yet another reminder to me to keep my patience with other drivers. Today has been a little draining. My iron is low so I feel very sluggish and extremely tired. I have two little ones with fevers and one that was throwing up. I still had to attend the Girl Scouts cookie kickoff tonight so that Makensie would qualify for her cookie badge. Gabby slept in her sleeping bag back in a corner. I already tired today as my precious hubby works a lot of hours and with no family in town I feel like a single parent most of the time. Not that I expected them to pull over and say, sweetie do you need a hug today or can I go to the store for you? I wasn't driving carelessly and wasn't putting anyone in danger, after all it wasn't even a main street. I was just tired and trying to talk to my little ones. Was there really anything so life threatening to the people in the car that was worth being so rude to me about. I guess if I had been going the legal speed of 30 that would have saved them 2 mintues. Maybe there was. I always try to envision other drivers that are disstracted in similar situations as me and this helps me keep my cool. I also try to remember that God is always trying to care for us. What if God placed me in front of the going 5 mph under the speed limit to protect them from being in a terrible accident had they been in the wrong place just a couple of seconds sooner.

It reminded me of the story of the man who was on the subway with his five young children. They were jumping around, wrestling with each other, bumped into several people and crumbled someone's newpaper. The whole time he just sat there staring at the floor never saying a word. All those on the subway with them were getting rather annoyed. Finally a women quite filled with herself, scolded him, "How can you just let your kids act like that and not say a word to them? Can't you see they need discipline and are being disruptive?!" The man looked up at her with tears in his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, their mother passed away this morning and none of us really know how to handle it at this point."

Let us be quick to share a kind word and ask a simple question and slow to judge another.


Shelley said...

Your subway story reminded me of something I read somewhere: 'everyone you meet is fighting a mighty battle.'(roughly paraphrased), but I try to think that way when people annoy the crap out of me. You are number one, Suzanne! :)

Amy Hornek said...

I know what you mean, I've been number one in many people's lives. Actually, when I used to work a normal job I got it a lot. It used to be hard to not get mad and start shaking my finger at them, but you're right, who knows what another is going through? I like the verse, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but with humility consider others better than yourself." That's a verse I'll be working on until I die! :)


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