Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kicking tush and takin names.

So my victories today? First I got a collection call from Sprint over a $24 bill. Which I have refused to pay as we never authorized a switch, we have unlimited long distance on our cell phones and on our home phones and business phone. I have sent letters, called and after filing a slam complaint last May (I had 3 months with them before they finally canceled my account after several calls) I thought it was finished. I was wrong. I called Sprint today and asked to speak directly with the slamming department and the lady basically as politely as possible said she didnt' believe me that I had to have authorized the switch otherwise it wouldn't have happened. She asked if I wanted her to call our current carrier...YES. She did and was slightly surprised that CenturyTel told her that they had never showed me to have switched services in the past 3 years. So Sprint apologized and credited back the money!
After Christmas we came home to a letter from some guy who had bought our home and wanted possession after Christmas. This was news to us as we thought we had just refinanced our home, late November. Come to find out, when we wired the money, only our names and addresses and phone numbers and business name and business phone number and the bank name and info was on the wire, however the account number was not. So even though the mortgage company accepted the money, they never posted it to our account or processed the paperwork and never called (I had called and confirmed 2 days in a row that all the paperwork was finalized and the payment received) They say they couldn't figure out where to post it and I guess they also couldn't figure out how to pick up the phone and call one of the 4 numbers they had for us or call the bank or run a search to see who lives in our town with our last name and is doing a refinance? My guess would! Since we are the only business with our name in the entire state! Everytime I call in I have to listen to a 2 minute spill about their excellent customer service. I guess that is only the case if they don't have to do 1 minute of extra work by using some common sense. Ugh. So they sell our house for $19,000 less than the loan and almost $70,000 less than we had planned to list it to sell this summer and want us to pay the remainer of the loan. Said it was because they assumed we didnt' want to go ahead with the refinance because they didn't have a wire to our account. After we retained a lawyer and he gave them a little call, the very next day the mortgage company called back and said they were buying our house back from the 3rd party and would be giving it back to us and set us back up on the original agreement with a little better interest rate and pay for the expense of closings and legal fees. We signed the papers to buy back our home again today. Insane! I do feel sorry for the poor chap that got my initial phone call, I'm sure he probably put my on mute at some point to tell his co-workers that he had a crazy lady on the phone!
Now just to stay on top of the credit report in the next couple of months to make sure everything is cleared off. I'm not sure that customer service these days is what it used to be.
Sorry if this sounds like a venting session. I am so truely happy that these are solved issues. While we did have faith that God knew what was best, we were also faced with such a intense confusion as to why this was happening and of course some fear as to whether we'd be setting up camp somewhere. The first day before I could calm myself and find time to come to His feet and listen is the day I had my OB appt and my blood pressure was high enough to cause some concern. I told him it just hadn't been a good day at the Griffin house. We took time to think through what the worst thing that was going to happen, said ok, we might have to move, we might be 7 1/2 months pregnant, we might have lost every dime we invested, our credit might be scarred for years to come, but if that is the worst, we can make it, we will not look at this but look to Him through this. What could have taken months to resolve took Him just days.
I told my hubby to watch out that God is on our side and taking out our enemies one my one! I am so thankful for Him strength!

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