Friday, January 26, 2007

That's Life

I have fallen behind lately with keeping in touch with everyone and keeping up with everything.

A friend came over and helped me move furniture around trying to get ready for this little man. We are in the final 30 days! My friend is also skilled in the art of GET RID OF THAT! So with help I was able to release a lot of junk to be free to cross over into junk heaven.

Our mom's group met and we talked about the pleasure of the marriage bed, it was an interesting topic to start the weekend with. I'm sure it made for a lot of happy hubbies. I';ll post the questions next.

Attended a baby shower for a friend on Sunday, her 1st girl, so it looked like someone had gotten sick on Pepto, there was pink everywhere. I gave her a little bikini for the summer, baby's daddy was not too excited, but you can only enjoy their little tummies for so long.

We are trying to get ahead on home-school so that I can take a couple weeks hiatus after the baby. Looks like that might not be happening.

My hubby has been getting slightly grumpier with the condition of the house, but at this point, if something is on the floor, it just isn't worth me bending over to pick it up. I often wish he would have had a sister so that he had a little understanding of a woman. After the nursery is ready, I'll be going full force trying to coax this show on a little quicker.

So Monday I had planned to stay home and work on the house most of the day, however hubby, remember he has the RCD (Romantically Challenged Disorder) called and wanted me to run by lunch for him and two temp helpers he had for the day. The workers were just there to help clean up his shop and get things organized. This sounds simple enough, however that requires everyone finding shoes and socks and in Brian's case, finding the shoestrings that are suppose to be in the shoes! Then the coat and mittens process. So from start of getting dressed to going by his shop to get orders and cash, getting the food, cleaning up then back home it was almost a 2 hour ordeal.

I of course gave him a hard time as to why he could hire help to clean up and it was just him that made the mess and why I couldn't hire some help when I've got 3 little ones, 8 months prego, homeschooling and his secretary! However from the time he hits the door threshhold each night his job is complete. He leaves his laundry, on the floor, dishes on the floor, doesn't seem to relize that kids need baths. The house and kids are 100% by responsibility.

He did make great strides in trying to compensate by bringing home all kinds of convenience items from the grocery store and then doing some laundry and even folding it and putting it away...mind you he only did his laundry and although he didn't separate anything and who knows if there was even soap in there, he was happy with himself...I didn't even know he knew where the laundry room was! He also filled the dishwasher....he thought the gel packets were pretty cool, he had never seen them before.

We are in the midst of a conflict right now, he has an annual fishing trip that he goes on and they are leaving Feb 18th. He said he won't go if I haven't had the baby but if I have he's going to go. And yes, he is serious. Once again, don't judge, it is only because of the RCD syndrome that he makes some of his decisions that he does...bless his heart. The day I came home from the hospital with Brian, he helped me in the house with all the loot and then left for the trip, I don't think he ever turned the truck off. My mom was there to help for the week, so he thought I was well enough taken care of. I told him to go ahead this time, that if I did go into labor when he was gone, that I'm sure I could handle the 2 hours by myself that he really isn't that helpful anyway. But I think he knows that if he did go, he would owe me for years for how much I could milk quilt out of that. And yes my mom is more help. With our other 3 kids he has only gotton up once in the night when I had a migraine and was vomitting and even then I had to beg for his help and he was quite irratated. I think I better quit talking about him this morning because it is making me irratated! lol.

We've settled on Wyatt Cole. I appreciate everyone's input, that was fun. It just dawned on us yesterday that we might want to have a girls name picked out just in case!

The girls are writing their first books, and we got the materials and the kick off meeting on Monday, there will be an unveiling in April with the home-school program, I'm so excited for them.

Yesterday was our weekly errand day. I schedule as much as I can on Tuesdays and then that way we have a light week the other days. We started the day with Makensie getting a filling...her 4th time of having teeth worked on. She gets a little more nervous each time. She was pretty sure she was leaving when she turned around and spotted the needle ahead of time. I was sure this was the last time we will be using this dentist. I'm not sure kids, patience or kindness are some of his best qualities.

We then went and picked up Brian, daddy took him to work with him during the dentist appt, yeah! Headed to the grocery store for a quick milk run. Came home, made some phone calls, answered some email, made lunch, headed to the post office, then to sell some girl scouts cookies. Went to the grocery store for our big trip it was painful, there was a lot of misc household purchases this time and I used 2 weeks of our budget...ouch. So we are having Mexican week...bean burritos, bean tacos, bean

Forgot to get a pair of scissors for girl scouts that were needed last night. Ran into the Dollar General. Met an very friendly cashier, she was trying to find someway to connect with each person checking out. However, the lady in front of my was buying a pregnancy test and the cashier asked if she was hoping for a positive or negative?! What?! My eyes about popped out of my sockets when she said it. The poor lady in front of me, obviously living a hard life, almost brought to tears said she would leave it in God's hands. It almost made me wish I was buying preparation H just to see what she would ask me...but I just had kiddie scissors and when I told her to have a blessed day, she found her opening to be able to tell me how long she had been there and how much longer she would be, and that it would be a blessing to go home. She must have been in debate or forensics in high school to watch for each point.

We then headed to Sonic for their 1/2 price burger night, however no one wants hamburgers when there are corn dogs available. I had a hamburger and inspite of 3 Tums I am still burping it up this morning.

Then took Makensie to girl scouts. Her goal at the beginning of cookie sales was to sell 6 boxes. Yes, I'm a great mom, I often try to encourage my kids to set their goals extremely low so that they dont' have to try as hard to reach them, it's good for the self esteem. jk lol. However, she did sell a total of 100 boxes. I was so proud of her and how she handled herself on the phone and when asking for the orders. The funniest part was when people would order more than one box she would always say..."But they are $4 a box!" afterall $4 is a lot of money to her.
Allen's shop is just across the street from girl scouts so we went over to have supper with him while he was wrapping up the day and while Makensie was in her troop meeting.

Picked her up, dropped the kids off at home with dad and I headed to my Mothering Matters (the equivalent of MOPS) leadership meeting. It is that time of year to turn in resignations or intent to continue. I was the events coordinator this last year which was a lot of fun, I planned a fun event each month out side our regular meetings for the moms and some for the kids & moms together. I also got the privilege of organizing the Christmas Home Tour here in town. That was a close to being overwhelming, but it exciting non the less. So I did open my position last night if there is any new person that would like to take over for next year, if not, I think I will do it one more year. We have a craft night and slumber party and group picnic coming up over the next couple of months yet.

So today, it should be a relaxing day at home just filling with laundry, dishes, housework, school, starting our taxes, stocking the nursery....maybe I should go back to bed!

I am trying to get the house looking really nice as my mom and my sisters are coming to town for my baby shower on Saturday. I was a little embarrassed to be getting a shower since this is our 4th baby and 2nd boy, but I'm so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life that are doing this for me. I'm so excited, not for the gifts, but just to get together with everyone and enjoy brunch and time laughing together. The selfish side of me is a little disappointed as my mom and said her plans were to come down for a week to help me get ready for baby and I could really use her help as my hips and back are quite uncomfortable and there are just things I don't feel I want to ask of my friends or my 6 year old. Then last night when she called has decided to just come down for the shower and head home that day. I know. I should be thankful she is coming down at all, and I am.

So that is my life this week. Not too exciting and If you actually read all of this, I hope you have a blessed day and recoup your time I just took!

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Amy Hornek said...

Wow! Lots going on and lots to think of. And, I have to say, you are a lot less demanding than me. And forgiving. Michael has to go for a business trip to Denver the week of Lilla's 1st birthday and won't be home until like midnight the night of it. I have been so upset! I can't even imagine all this. Whew! And, you are way too nice, but hard on yourself not asking for help. Ask! I'm sure there are plenty of people that would be willing to help. Particularly people in your church. Take care of yourself!


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