Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Toad by Any Other Name is Still a Toad

I was surprised this week to read a blog by a young gal that says she was raised to believe in God but had given up on Him and was instead turning to tarrot cards and other ways to find the answers to her questions. She believes that if she can see the future she can change it.

It really made me have to stop and think. No it isn't my job to judge, but if I believe the Word of God, and I do, then I also know that she is not just sinning but welcoming satan right into her life and glorifing him in doing so. I know there is power in the physics and tarrot cards, but they are not the power I want to be playing around with. And no matter what we want to call, exciting, is still witchcraft in its basic form.

The Bible tells us that these sorts of things along with plenty of other warnings will become rampant in the last days. There were 10 comments in response to her blog, 8 of which commended her on her beliefs and also tabbeled in some form of witchcraft, and other 2 voiced their belief against it but also said they wouldn't judge because everyone has a right to believe what they want. True. But have we become such a tolorant society that even when we know someone is entertaining the devil in their home that we don't feel it our place to say something? I didn't respond because I'm in the same boat. I don't want to offend her and hundreds of others that read her blog but I don't want to offend God even more. Is it up to us to call people on their sins if we do not have a relationship with them?

I do enjoy getting to take in some tv time and am not out and out against tv. But it seems that our media does glamourize sin. Everytime I flip past Montel I see a clairvoyant woman as his guest. People standing in line just to ask questions of her. Wanting answers so badly. God does not expect us to know His reasons for everything that happens, but He does expect us to know Him.

His word tells us that any involvment in occult practices is an abomnanation to Him. It was such a sever act that it was punishable by death in the Old Testament and said that it was even grounds for God to reject fo soul for participating in it. It breaks the 1st commandment and brings a curse to 4 generations after us. People are either calling on God or calling on Satan. Do the tarrot cards call on the power of God? Anyone who does fall into occult practices will defineatly be lured in by the excitment and apparent quick answers and advise. But as always once satan has you hook line and sinker he will put you under his opression. Satan does not have compassion on anyone. He only appears to be our friend to betray us.

She questioned why if there was a God that bad things happen to good people. So if we are not getting the results WE desire from prayer; if we are not getting answers QUICK enough; if we see the innocent suffer does all this mean that God is unjust? Or is it He knows what is ultimately best for us and is trying to draw us nearer to Him and head us in the right direction? Or maybe it is because of the sins of our fathers that we are being punished for. We use discipline with our own children and if we make false empty threats it doesn't take long for our kids to not fear our words. I feel like people want to believe the good promises of the Bible but throw a fit when the promises for discipline come into their lives.

I do believe that this young lady, as most probably are, is a great person, friendly, compassionate, a wonderful mom and her practices do not change this. That practice is however opening a door for destruction to enter her home, her life and her children's future legacy.

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Amy Hornek said...

I agree, it is so sad that everyone is willing to turn in every direction but that of Jesus. It's heartbreaking!


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