Friday, August 31, 2007

Faith like a child

As I sat watching the kids chasing each other up and down the play land at Chick Fil A, a sense of complete peace and happiness washed over me. They were portraying the very verse faith like a child. They were not nervous how we would get home, they were not concerned over the cost of fixing the van, they did not even seem bothered that the babies bottle was empty and all our formula was at home! They had complete confidence in me to take care of them and solve those burdens that we on the plate for the night. They asked me, "How are we going to get home?" I told them not to worry, I'll work it out. And what did they do? Not worry. Now while I wish they listened and obeyed every time like this, tonight was when I needed to see it.

I sat and praised God quietly for whatever He was protecting us from or opening the doors to. There are many times we may never know WHY God is allowing the trials to come. But it is only our responsibility to know GOD. And if we truly believe Jer 29:11 than we know that all things work together for good for those who call on His name. I hope that I someday get to see the night unfold. I wonder, would we have came across the path of a deer or drunk driver and wrecked on the way home? Or was it for the purpose of getting to know the ladies I met in the play area?

God did take care of all the details. Billy lived close by and was there quickly. He has an extended cab truck and somehow fit 4 car seats plus me in with him. Wyatt never fused for more bottle and slept all the way home. Thursday morning Allen went over to haul the van home and it started the 1st try and has been running fine ever since. The suburban also started the first time this morning. God is good and God is faithful.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funny is in the eye of the beholder

So yesterday I got a comment from a fellow mom in the form of a poem that started:
Suzanne is amazing
A woman of grace.

I laughed a little outloud as I was reading it, thinking it was funny that she answered in poem form.

Along gave Makensie and asked what I had laughed at. As I read the 1st 2 lines of the poem to her, she too laughed, then spouts off "Yeah, that is funny." Although, I don't think I'm that great and usually humored when others do, I was was still enjoying those warm fuzzies from the complement I had received.

I looked at my precious child and had to laugh at her innocent comment, which made her laugh even more saying, "it's SO funny that she thinks you're a good mom."


Once again proof that my children do not care about my self esteem.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Once Upon A Time

One upon a time, there were 4 little kids with a tired mom by day,
She heard of a special night at Chick Fil-A.
The night was for little princesses to celebrate,
A limo ride, tiara, and manicure after free they did ate.

Mom spent the afternoon helping the girls do costumes and hair
Then along came sad little brother asking, “What can I wear?”
So on goes the Spiderman outfit for him,
Topped with his cowboy boots, he fit right in.

Out to the van they were stopped and frustrated
As the tire was flat and needed inflated.
They drove to nearest Wal-Mart for help
The young man said, “30 minutes, yep.”

So in the waiting room mom sat with them all
But hunger quickly set in as the moods did fall.
Off through the store to buy crackers and pop,
Then back to wait for the rest of their stop.

Then the pop did pass and they all had to pee,
So off to the bathroom they headed with glee.
Then back to their cell as an hour had passed,
With mom getting nervous to leave and fast.

Finally their name was called to pick up the van,
But one little princess had to potty again.
Oh the looks that did fall upon the children for their dress,
Thinking mother had lost it, she must me a mess.

So 2 hours after they checked in the shop
They were back in the van and burnin blacktop.
The 30 minute ride was worth the time,
Til they pulled in to see about 100 princesses’ in line.

They quickly got their food and sat to eat,
And mom was so happy as she felt rather beat.
The line for the tiara’s was long and limo line longer,
So off to the playground the kids did sunder.

Mom enjoyed chatting with the other moms,
Then one little boy came in crying, but mom remained calm.
Til she heard him say, “that boy in the Spiderman outfit hit me”
Mom looked over her shoulder to see her son, the bully.

Before mom could finish apologizing and put baby down,
In walked another mom with a great big frown.
She bellowed out in really loud voice,
“Who has the little boy in Spiderman outfit?!” mom did not rejoice.

“He’s causing some trouble out here, big trouble.”
So outside did mom head, her footsteps did double.
100’s of eyes did watch when she crossed through the door,
And took him inside to give him the whatfore.

The line had cleared out so they decided to make the tiaras,
However as they entered that room the last one was given to a little girl named Sierra.
The princess sat and did some art work,
Mom reminding them to hurry, so in the limo line they could lurk.

Finally finished, to the limo line they head,
But a familiar face of a friend “they are done for the day” said.
Once again saddened
Mother a little maddened.

Off to the van to head on home,
2 whining kids asking for ice cream cones.
Child number 3 with a grateful heart,
Told mother thank you for all her days part.

The other two children throwing a fit,
Got in a fight and then Spiderman bit.
Mom got to the van with 3 little kids and a baby in tow,
She realized she didn’t have her bag so back in the store they go.

Leaving again with the kids still crying for dessert,
Moms disappointment in them and herself really hurt.
All buckled in now at 8 O’clock,
However the van wouldn’t start, it seemed to mock.

Sitting in silence and wondering why,
Mom had the call her most important guy.
Mom wanted to give up and cry,
But she took a deep breath and went inside.

Out to the playground they all did go,
Mom stopped for water and the manager was a real nice Joe.
Dad didn’t come but sent Billy his brother instead,
Dad thought mom just ran out of gas, mom thought dad was dead.

Another sweet mom offered a ride
But could only get 2 of the crew inside.
Mrs Dawdy kindly waited around with her girls
With a tired one herself that had lost her curls.

Billy put in more gas and nothing changed,
He worked and worked and called out some names.
At 10 O Clock, Chick Fil A, turned off their lights,
The family then headed to the van in the dimly lit night.

Dad called again to say their spare car,
Wasn’t starting either and he was still far.
Billy managed to get all 5 of them in his truck
And drove them all home, he’s a real great buck.

So today sits the van in lone parking space,
Mom still tired and praying for grace.
No vehicle in which to go
Mom thinking that’s fine, I’m feeling quite low.

Today is new day,
The failures of yesterday dismay.
They will keep this mom humble
The next time she sees another child stumble.

Today they pray there will be training and laughter
and someday report, they lived happily ever after.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sharing my excitement

I thought I would share this with you fellow savings addicts, as I'm
sure you'll share my excitement, unlike my husband who looked at me
with that, "you need to get out more often" look.

WalMart had the large cans of Similace Organic marked down from $29.95
to $5.00 a can. God's timing is perfect as I lost my milk in the 4th
month just like every baby so far. I remembered there were coupons at
the Dr.'s office so I zipped over there and picked up the coupons for
$5.00 off a can of the Organic along with some for $3.00 off any other
similac products. I headed back to WalMart. Picked up 7 large powder
cans for $5.00 each and then the small concentrate simalac was on sale
from $3.98 marked down to .50cents a can. They are all dated a year
away, and I was told they were close out items, coming out with new
labels. So off course I had a little trouble at the checkout as the
cashier was going to have to ring up each can with one coupon as
seperate purchases, so they sent to me to customer service to check
out. I got $277.52 originally marked down to $42.50 and with the
coupons WalMart paid ME $22.50 when I left. I was really excited. I
asked if they wanted to say my name over the speaker for great savings
like at price cutter or take my picture or anything.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great is the Lord

As I was reading this morning in Psalms, I was reminded that just as David talked about his city, my "city" to me is my home and family. And that which makes our homes great is not the house we live in, but the blessedness of the Savior within the walls of our homes and hearts.

We have a great home...for me, it's what I had always wanted, old and has a lot of character. We have a little over 3400 square feet, on a large lot, a pool, a beautiful large front porch. And we are selling it to downsize. I'm sad in a way as I love this house and what a blessing it has been at times for entertaining, the kids all have their own rooms plus a playroom. I realize that our next home will more than likely not be 1/2 this size. However, financially we have to be good stewards and it is sucking the life out of us financially and taking away our ability to have any left to put into the live of others. The verse has came alive...the LOVE of money is the root of all evil and when I'm stressed over money and meeting the month end I'm a lot more focused on money than on what I can do to be a blessing to others. , but I was glad that God reminded me that it is not the house that make the family but the heart that makes the home.

I was also reminded that I am not safe because of the "abundance of my soldiers" or in stay home mommy terms, the abundance of money in our checking account. But that I am protected because He is my Almighty Savior. He is the one who gives us protection over our homes and families for those who call on His name. This Love of money is the root of all evil in our marriage too. I can easily find myself in an ugly place of judging my husband when we have our own business and I see him doing things differently than I would or more accurately, acting like the back seat driver...telling him what I think he should be doing. I can get very critical and cold and irritated without ever saying a word to him about it. Then I get a God smack and am reminded that the money doesn't come in just because of Allen but by the Blessing of God to care for us as His own family. I want to be able to bend in repentance before Him rather than be brought to retribution by Him. Thank you Lord that you are our provider and protector. Thank you that your greatness fills our weakness and that we can come to seek your will and wisdom.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Callin the Hogs

So Sunday night I went to bed before Allen and was really tired. I think I fell asleep just seconds after hitting the pillow. Next thing I know, Allen wakes me up and asks, "Are you OK? Were you...snoring?" I was too groggy to answer more than, "I don't know." I wiped the drool off my cheek, then I here him rush into the baby's room, then upstairs to check the kids. By this time, I had woke up enough to remember my dream. I was dreaming that some kids were tormenting our pig Sweetheart and I was hiding on the other side of the fence snorting fiercely at them to scare them off. And I guess I was snorting out loud. I couldn't help but to start laughing as I realized how scary it probably was for Allen to hear growling and snorting like a ferocious pig coming from somewhere in the house. Yet another reason why my hubby loves me so much...I can call those hogs.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School Time

We are starting school in the morning. I have all new crayons, markers, glue, pencils, notebooks, boxes, erasers...everything, along with a treat of a special folder for each of the kids. Brian will be joining us for official school this year as we are doing a unit study curriculum for preK thru 2nd. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning. We have been working on our chores and devotional time and protecting our night and morning routine to help make a smooth transition. We plan to only do school 4 days a week preferring to have Friday's off for errands and catch up on the house/mail etc. I checked out a movie from the library and we are getting ready to watch that with some popcorn and really make a big deal out of starting tomorrow. I pray that I'm not singing a different tune tomorrow and waving down the bus for pick up in the morning.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Shatterd Dreams

As Allen and I were driving to a family reunion last fall, I was still largely pregnant and highly emotional. I just needed some words of reassurance of his undying love for me. So I thought I would help him along and by asking him, "What do you love about me?" He smiled and quietly pondered for a moment then answered, "You are a really good cook." That warm fuzzy feeling that I was looking forward to inside turned empty. I just sat staring at him. WHAT?! I'm a good cook? Oh how romantic! But remember one of my previous posts in December with his RCD problem. I just smiled graciously and turned and stared out the window and let the pity party of tears stream down my face. I just watched as the flat lands passed beside us, wondering if he ever missed that incredibly tender and thoughtfully romantic man he used to be as much as I did.

Then on the radio came an old song that I hadn't heard in years and had never paid much attention to the words:

So much for your promises, They died the day you let me go.
Caught up in a web of lies, But it was just too late to know
I thought it was you, Who would stand by my side
And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away,
From this empty heart, You said you'd die for me
Woke up to reality,And found the future not so bright
I dreamt the impossible,That maybe things could work out right
I thought it was you,Who would do me no wrong
And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
You've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
From this empty heart
I thought it was youWho said they'd die for love
And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
You've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart, oh no no no
You said you'd die for me
Oh, oh, die for me
So much for your promises
So much for your promises

Not an all time favorite or greatest song ever writen, but I wondered if the writer was feeling what I was feeling as he wrote it. After a good 5 minute cryfest. I felt so much better. I knew in my heart that the only one who I could truely ever count on keeping their promises and that had already died for me was the only ONE that I need look to for the fulfillment of my empty heart. I turned to look at him and smile, as he had no idea I was even crying, he was still basking in pride over his answer to me. I watched as he spit into his bottle. Yes, he's a country boy, chewing tobacco and all. I love Allen, his RCD and all.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Has it really been this long since I last posted? I have missed it so. I will just give you all brief updates on our lives today.
Still Alive
selling house
Painted kitchen yellow
Painted Makensie's room lavender
Painted Gabby's room yellow
Painted Brian's room sky blue
Laying carpet tomorrow
Week 9 of book study "Shepherding a Child's heart"
My mom visited for 1 week.
Getting organized for home school to start...maybe next week.
Allen is moving his business to a better prime location and the rent is $700 less a month.
Allen will now be able to hire a secretary...and she won't be me!
Have had Wyatt in ER with an ear infection.
Gabby to the Dr with the same.
Still visiting churches and think we have made a decision.
Working with kids on Keepers of the Faith activities - love it!
My brother and his wife blessed me with a niece - Riley.
My sister was here for a visit.
Had a jewelry party and earned $100 in free jewelry.
hosting a baby shower here at my house this week.
Allen bought the kids a trampoline Saturday and it took 2 days to put it together.
Think that is about all the events I can recall.
Oh, we've added studying the proverb of the day to our mornings and last week we talked about how the fool talks a lot. Last night Brian, my chattiest of kids, told Allen, "I'm a fool sometimes because I love to talk!".


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