Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breaking Bread

I friend of mine wrote a journal recently that I couldn't even try to paraphrase and get the some value from so here it is.

As I was reading Acts 2 I found the verses 42-47 intriguing. They met every day, they broke bread together, they gave to anyone as needed, all the believers came together praising God and enjoying all the favor of all the people (sharing the storehouse). And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

I wrote several months ago about witnessing. And this once again impressed on me that desire to welcome more to our Lord and Savior. How attractive would it be to the non Christian to see us as Christians, gathering for a BBQ each evening with grilled corn, rolls, no beer and laughing and enjoying our families together and talking about the blessings of the day and praising God. Then one of the wives mentions that they were short for groceries that week and everyone hands them happily just a couple of dollars to help them meet their need? One of the men mentions hurting his shoulder at work and everyone gathers around and claims healing in Christ's name. And he is healed. Wouldn't that be desireable for anyone to want to be a part of that group. I would be wondering how I could meet them, if they would welcome me and my family in, if we could be that happy.

Do we are friends and groups of Christians bring in other families that do not have Christ in their lives? I'm just as quilty. We have mostly other Christian couples as friends, but we do have a few that are not. When we are having our Christian friends over we don't usually invite the other couples because we don't want them to feel uncomfortable with them as the conversations usually turn that direction. But shouldn't that be the reason FOR inviting over our non Christian friends, so that they can see what the Family of God looks like, feels like?

Oh Lord, please continue to bless us so that we might be able to break bread with all our friends in a way that offers excitement about belonging to Your family. When we eat with others we relax and build special bonds, allow our home to be an open door of hospitality to those who may otherwise never know your grace. Amen

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Amy said...

Sometimes it can be so difficult as far as your home is concerned. I love the idea of my home becoming a house of prayer for all nations. What I don't enjoy is the thought of Lilla being around non-Christians who effect the way she thinks and believes. I know I am to be pointing her in the right direction, but, of course, the people she is around has a bearing too. Where is the line drawn? No idea. Just something I've been pondering lately...


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