Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camp Out

For Gabby's birthday party we did a camp theme.
Invite 6 girls, with Makensie and Gabby = 8
6:00pm arrival and settle in the tents
6:30pm roast hot dogs and have chips and watermelon, grape pop, water or bug juice
7:00pm decorate Tshirts
7:30pm Games
8:00pm Songs around the campfire
8:30pm dirt cups and open gifts
9:00pm pick up time for girls not staying all night (I'm guess most little girls will want to go home)
9:30pm flashlight tag
10:00pm pj's & potty
10:30pm story time and drift off to sleep

Actual events:
I got excited and ended up inviting 14 girls
13 came
12 planned to stay all night
7:30pm all going as planned, played "poor kitty", drip drip splash
8:00pm all girls are wet and want to put on PJ's
8:30pm pudding and gifts
9:00pm pickup for the 1 child
9:30pm flashlight tag (have to say that the reaction to finding the pig in the dark, that some didn't know we had was quite funny)
9:45pm Girl #2 wants to go home
10:30pm girls are hungry and need popcorn and water.
11:00pm Girl #3 requests to go home.
At this point I'm thinking that we could possibly get a call from any one of the neighbors within a 6 block area requesting the screaming to stop.
So we start a round on Alleluias
Oldest reads a story she has written and we say prayers
11:30pm giggling and concern about any possibility of a storm. I assure them, "we MIGHT get a little sprinkle, but I'm right here and IF we get a storm, which is not likely, we'll go inside."
12:00am finally everyone is in and settled and starting to quiet
12:02am out of no where, lighting strikes brightly and thunder shakes the ground.
12:02:02am Is it called screaming or shrilling? 8 little girls spilling out of the tents, dragging their sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals, flashlights, looking for shoes, running in all directions like little ants that have had their line disrupted. (2 little ones were completely obvious and in a deep sleep through all of this.)
12:03am The hero Allen came running out to the rescue.
12:03:02am Gagging and "oh gross!" from the peanut gallery because Allen didn't have a shirt on, only his shorts.
12:05am Allen is carrying in a little one that was still asleep as we carrel the girls upstairs trying to keep them to a whisper level to not wake the baby.
12:30am mattresses moved, sleeping arrangements picked, girls laying down
12:45am Allen makes a trip up to shhh the giggles with their 2nd wind.
1:00am Allen makes a trip up to shhh the wrestling
1:15am Allen makes a trip up to bring the ring leaders down (Makensie and Gabby) to separate so all the girls will calm down.
1:20am the girls head back up with friends
1:22am let the good times roll!
1:45am I head upstairs and tuck them in, let them know I would be rocking in the playroom that they needed to shut it down for the night so that they can all go home a little rested so they can come back.
1:48am snoring.....
8:00am First patter of little feet making tracks to the bathroom and then down the steps.
8:30am have Wyatt changed and 2 Excedrin migraines and a coffee in my body. All the girls are up and packing up. Start making pancakes.
9:30am all kiddos are fed
11:30am all kiddos are picked up (except for this little straggler of a boy from across the street). It's a rent house and a new tenant that lost their home last month due to a fallen tree during the night of the bad storm. He's same age as Gabby and has been here for close to 6 hours now.
We had so much fun. What an amazing group of young ladies.
Unto the least of these. Lord open our home and make your presence known.


Bekah said...

Sounds like a perfect night of fun!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

The girls had so much fun, though! (and they slept very well Sat. night! :0) ) Yours is the place to be!!! :0)

Sherri said...

brave, brave woman. Sounds like fun, but do you remember sleepovers as being so much MORE fun when WE were the kids??

Bekah said...

Hey! I forgot to ask...did you ever even get to the t-shirt decorating?


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