Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Man's Idea Of Gentle Is Not the Same As Ours

Monday night was a late night, only 2 kidder, trip to WM. And while I was gone Allen decided he would finally fix the ice maker on the frig. Great! Really GREAT!

About 3 months ago morning greeted us to water all over the kitchen floor. Allen tried to shut off the valve to the water line that T's to the refrigerator, however it was stuck and he didn't want to break it so he turned off the cold water to the sink. What was suppose to be just for a couple of days, til someone came and looked at it, only if and after he was 100% sure he didn't know how to fix it, which would definitely be that weekend....

So one weekend...12 went by so fast it was all a blur. We all became accustomed to having only hot water in the kitchen, which by the way is not a great savings on gas. Every-night I would make tea, juice, fill the water pitcher, make ice so that by morning time it would be cooled off from having to fill them with hot water. It would have been a lot easier to do it with a smile on my face even at week 10 if the frig had even been pretended to have been looked at. But no, each day, "Frig, has someone came and looked at you today?" And she would just stand there looking ashamed. (have I mentioned that I won this beautiful frig from Harps?)

So Monday night was the magical night. The girls and I arrived home to find hubby proudly beaming that he had fixed the frig. I asked what was the problem. He says, "I don't know, I just turned the water back on it isn't leaking." hmmm. So I tried the ice...good. Tried the water....and worked great, of course it is also now flowing across the floor and Wyatt is slapping in the new found puddle. And now he's laying on the floor trying to lick it up. Wonderful. Hubby looks under the frig and it is leaking from where the filter is. Pulled the filter out and put a new one in and it was fixed. A simple 5 minute solution. I'm just thinking out loud here, but didn't I mention that it was time to change the filter in January and some voice in the house said they would take care of it since they contract with Lowe's so they are in there quite a bit, that they'll just pick one up? And I'm just slightly recalling that same conversation in Feb as well, maybe even March? Poosh. What does that matter. The frig is now fixed.

But I can't help but wonder what happened to my kitchen. And where is everything that was in the frig and freezer? Well before hubby looked at the frig he thought it best to empty the entire frig and freezer so that he could get a better look. And since it was empty he cleaned it out, top to bottom, took out the glass shelving even, sparkling cleaned it. Yeah Allen! That was the redeeming moment. Now all the food is in the outside frig, never-mind that it is pretty much just piled in there and I pity the fool that opens the door without being prepare to catch it all tumbling out. Guess what I'm doing today?

The food situation was not nearly as concerning as to what was all over the kitchen, the counters, the floor, gross, dust, we are talking dust bunnies that had mutated. "Where is all this from?" I asked. He tells me, "I thought I would clean under the frig and couldn't find the long brush you use so I used the air compressed and blew it out." Blew it out? Am I the only one that would have thought that might not be a great idea? But at least he was able to use his power tools. And obviously he couldn't find the broom or the washrag either. But I now have filtered water in the frig and the ice maker is up and running and have cold water in the kitchen and we turned on the air conditioner last night. All is good.


Bekah said...

Oh my word! That EXACT same thing happened to me less than 3 months ago! I'm so serious! I was freaking out, water was leaking all over my floor, towels were everywhere, my husband was out of town! I don't even remember who asked me about our filter! But that was it! One quick run to Sears and the problem was fixed! Amazing! Wish I could have told you about it 12 weeks ago! :-)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

LOL Too funny. Good that you can laugh...not sure I could! :0)

Lynn said...

LOL---that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. You really MADE my day. You are a talented writer!! Also a talented card maker. I LOVED the card you made last night, it's GREAT. I am so glad you are in our group. Did say I love your sense of humor. OK---this is Lynn (Sherri's mom) and I have a blog too. Not nearly as interesting or entertaining as yours is. It.s Oh, and I loved the card you have posted on your blog also! Really cute. I'm looking forward to knowing you better, and seeing your cards. :-)


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