Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Psalms 53

I need your help in raising awareness and funds.

I'm on a mission to prove that Santa Claus does not exist. I know that some kids out there think he does, and that is just silly. Why do they hold onto these pipe dreams? Don't they realize how insane they are? Them believing there is a Santa Claus, holding onto this hope, having fun thinking about him, wishing for special gifts and waiting to hear him return and come down the chimney is absurd. They are wasting their time and it affects me greatly. Their false sense of hope, love and joy? It is not healthy. Has anyone ever seen Santa Claus? I know they say a man really did live one time long ago that was a blessing to many, but that was just nice stories and he was nothing special. There is no such thing as a Santa Claus.

This is exactly why I must spend my time and energy from here on out trying to convey to the free world that there is no such thing. What kind of affect will this crazy belief of some have on my life it I just let them go on believing in something that doesn't exist? Of course some say they believe in him, but there life doesn't reflect the giving, joyful spirit that Santa Claus represents, so are those who proclaim to believe but do not live like they believe any different than me? No. They must be on my side too. At least I'm being honest. If I deny he exists, than that also frees me have ever having to get all merry and jiggly like a bowl full of jelly. Plus, what if I try to accept that he is real? What if I let this happy fat little fellow touch my heart and then I start spreading the cheer and have joy and live my entire life dedicated to trying to change others hearts to be merry and then it turns out it was all a lie when I die? I'll be a fool and will have wasted my whole life being cheerful and spreading kind words about a person that didn't even exist. Never mind that I'll be dead so what others think of me at that point really isn't relevant.

Why do I labor to disprove that something doesn't exist? Because I'm going to spend more time disproving this person than some of you spend trying to prove he does.

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